Parenting from a Distance

Little by little, you began the process of distancing yourself. The entire process of parenting is one of letting go. When your older daughter, a college graduate, returned home for the summer before starting a 12 month accelerated nursing program, you knew that there would be some transitions. When your daughter found out that she had to have surgery to repair a torn labrum in her hip, you both knew that these transitions might be the most difficult of all.

Relying on you for everything from the distribution of medication to rides to and from the gym for rehab work on the exercise bike, there were many times when it felt like you were again taking care of a young child. You had to be every so careful, however, that you did not accidentally slip into the role of an over bearing parent. Your daughter had rehabbed from other surgeries before, and what she really needed was someone she could comfortably ask for help. Not someone who over anticipated any need that she might have.

This process of distancing yourself from over parenting is a role that many parents work toward as the new school year begins. Whether you are sending children off to preschool and kindergarten for the firs time or are in the final transition of becoming an empty nester, it is often important to find a new way to use your nurturing skills. For some, gardening is the answer. Unlike children and growing teens, plants in the garden require attention forever. Few plants can survive with water and sun, so taking the time to remove weeds that could steal valuable nutrients is important.

Is Gardening Your Passion?

Once you make the transition from parenting, or any other interest for that matter, to gardening, it is important to realize that there are several tools that can help you provide the best care. And just like parenting a child requires many items that need to be stored and maintained, avid gardeners often find themselves in need of specific garden shed designs to be the most successful in keeping gardening tools clean and organized. With a garden shed designed to ekkp out the elements, for instance, gardeners make sure that the tools they invest in will last for years.

The best build wooden sheds protect tools which can be used to maintain gardens of all kinds. And while gardening and caring for plants is not quite like parenting, it can certainly provide a way to continue the use of nurturing skills.

What are your plans for this fall? Are you planning to work with a local crafter to create the perfect garden shed design for your bigger and better garden? A well build wooden shed should last at least 15 to 20 years, an ample amount of time to start a garden. And just like parenting requires a distant view of what you will need to do with yourself when you no longer have children at home, it is also important to create a gardening space that will allow you future growth. Did you know, for instance, that when purchasing a shed, it is wise to determine current space needs and add 25% for future storage needs? No gardener or parent will do their best work if they are not looking ahead for future needs. For parents, it is looking at the time when you will need to parent from a distance. For gardeners, it is looking for a time when your gardena and the tools that you need will start growing. Who knows? At some point you may even have to use some of that extra space in your garden shed design to teach your grandchildren to garden.

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