In-Home Care for Seniors and Other Loved Ones From Caring Companionship to Assistance With Daily Living Activities

Many chronically ill, disabled, or elderly individuals may choose to live at home in familiar surroundings. In order to continue doing so, these individuals may require, or benefit from, some level of in-home care assistance. While some people may only need assistance with a few daily living activities, others may want or need to have regular companionship or support services.

Statistics on Care Recipient Living Situations

When someone needs care on a temporary or permanent basis, there are a variety of options. Recent statistics, however, indicate that care recipients are in the following situations:

  • Live at home: 51%
  • Live with a family caregiver: 29%
  • Live in a nursing home or assisted living facility: 4%

Caring for Loved Ones

There are over 65 million people providing care for loved ones within the United States. This includes caring for chronically ill, disabled, or older family members and friends. In some instances, care may only be needed for a brief period of time, while in others, ongoing care may be required. On a weekly basis, this amounts to 29% of the population providing an average of 20 hours caring for someone they love.

Different Types of In-Home Care Services

There are a variety of in-home care services that can be beneficial for parents or other loved ones that need assistance. In addition to companionship and sitter services, the following services can also be provided by caregivers:

  • Light housekeeping
  • Meal planning and preparation
  • Running errands
  • Safe bathing

Learn More About Sitter Services

When you’re caring for an elderly parent or another loved one, you may need sitter services for a few hours a day or longer. If you are working or have other obligations, you may need in-home care during the week or over the weekend. In some instances, it may be helpful to have a caregiver live with your parent or loved one so that they receive 24-hour care.

Once you speak with an in-home care provider service, you will be able to discuss your needs and learn more about the benefits of hiring a caregiver. Remember that it’s important for you to have some time for yourself when you’re providing care for a loved one.

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