Are You Moving a Student Into a College Dorm This Summer?

This is the season of packed vans, SUVS, pickups, and sedans. In fact, as college students around the country prepare to move into their dorm rooms many families are using nearly every vehicle they have to move their favorite belongings into their new homes away from home.

From corduroy bean bags that will fill nearly all of the available space in a dorm space to much smaller gaming bean bag chairs that are used in shared spaces, there are many seating options that are being moved. In fact, in addition to laptops, clothing, and other necessities, there are many parents who want to make sure that their children are as comfortable as possible.

Fortunately, corduroy bean bags come in a variety of sizes, colors, and prices. This means hat it is possible to find the right chair for any space.

Are You Looking for Comfortable Seating Options For Your Family or Your College Student?

If you have ever been in a position where you have moved one of your children into a dorm room then you know the importance of making sure that they are as comfortable as possible. And while this comfort may cost a little more money and take a little more time, most parents will do whatever it takes to make sure that their son or daughter succeeds in college. And while every parent knows that it will take attention to lectures, participation in classes, and long hours of studying, it is also important to plan for a little bit of down time as well.

Consider these facts and figures about the role that great seating like simple corduroy bean bags can play in the success of a college student:

  • The average gamer has been playing video games for 13 years, so it should come as no surprise that many college students want to find a way to keep playing at college.
  • Over the next decade, specialized interior design industries are expected to rise at a higher rate of nearly 20%.
  • 155 million Americans play video games on a regular basis.
  • 48% of gamers play social games, so it is important to have enough seating for everyone.
  • The interior design industry generates $10 billion in revenues every year.
  • Furniture and furnishings sales in the U.S. equal $106.7 billion and part of this is from college dorm room seating and other options.

If you are one of the many parents who are moving your child into dorm rooms, it is important to make sure that you are able to make them feel comfortable in their home away from home.

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