When Was the Last Time You Updated the Fence in Your Backyard?

The vinyl fence rails are the finishing touch in a backyard that has been an entire summer in the making. The long project, however, has been worth the effort. The goal was to have a perfect space to host your daughter’s cross country team for a pasta feed before one of the meets. In the past you have crowded tables into the basement or the garage, but the new landscaping and renovations to the backyard will make the outdoor space a perfect option when you host the 54 member team.

In fact, your daughter and some of her senior friends have been planning signs, banners, and decorations all summer that will serve as the perfect backdrop once the vinyl fence rails are installed and the rest of the fence is completed.

Building a Vinyl Fence Can Add Value and Safety to Your Property

From tension wire fences to chain link gate installation, there are a number of ways that you can add a sense of safety and protection to your property while also adding value to your home. The decision to install vinyl fence rails and the other necessary vinyl fence parts, however, may add the most value to a residential property. With parts that are fairly maintenance free, vinyl fences are increasingly popular. Consider some of these facts and figures about the current fence industry:

  • Vinyl was first invented in 1913.
  • Most fencing laws limit the height of artificial fences in residential areas to six feet in backyards and four feet in front yards.
  • Vinyl and wood are the two most popular materials for privacy fences.
  • The U.S. fencing market is projected to reach $11.15 billion by the year 2024, according to Grand View Research recent reports.
  • The second leading cause of death for children under the age of five is drowning.

Whether you are planning for a backyard party or you want to make sure you have a safe area for pets and for children, there are a variety of fencing materials that are available. For many people, a low maintenance vinyl fence is often the best choice because it adds both beauty and value.

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