Surveys Find Most Americans Unhappy With Current Home Furnishings

Serge mouille lamp

Who doesn’t like a goo furniture sale, especially when trying to furnish a home? But did you know that there are more popular times of the year where more people tend to shop for furniture? It turns out that two of the most popular days to purchase a new Regency sofa, Serge Mouille lamp, or any other type of vintage, rustic, or modern furniture is on Valentine’s day and Memorial day. All that aside, though, what are certain trends that homeowners are into nowadays when decorating their home? Are there certain types of furniture that homeowners buy more often than others?

Let’s start with current trends. Lighting is a good place to start. Not only are shoppers interested in trendy, eye-catching lighting fixtures, but danish modern lighting is also in. Wondering where to buy modern lighting fixtures? Well, most home furnishing or home improvement stores have robust lighting departments and should be able to track down things like danish modern lighting fixtures.

As for what types of furniture pieces shoppers are buying? Well, sofas rate high on the list, as do dining room tables. Because sofas typically have a seven to 15-year lifespan, they’re something that homeowners will buy more than once. Many families enjoy splurging on nice dining room tables because they dining room is still viewed as one of the gathering places in a home. In fact, a recent survey conducted by Houzz found that an estimated three-quarters of respondents use their dining rooms every week.

But why do families spend so much on furnishing their homes or apartments? Well, it comes down to the desire to make a dwelling place feel homey and cozy. Unfortunately, a very low number of Americans are actually happy with the way their homes are decorated at the moment, and about 14% of them actually feel as if their furnishings impact their mood, like making them feel gloomy and stressed. If you’re one of these people, it’s time to plan a trip to your local home furnishings store and breathe some life back into your home.

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