3 Quick Tips To Building Your Own Garage Or Shed

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Are you one of the many Americans that stylize themselves as garage builders? Have an interesting idea you want to try and apply to your garage? Maybe make it a bit bigger than it is now, even?

You’re not alone.

Many Americans look at their garages and sheds and envision what if they had more space? What if they could do something to make it look, or feel, better? And so they devise a plan to do just that.

It doesn’t matter if it’s just a garden shed for your garden equipment, or a garage you put your tools in and little else, you need to have a plan when you build it. And we can help you devise one.

Here are some helpful tips to start building the garage or shed you dream of:

Plot It Out

The first step you should make is to ensure that you’re looking at your property right, and seeing how far you can go with the design before you enter into your neighbor’s land. You want to figure out where you’re going to put it, how much space it will take up, and how tall you want it to be.

It’s important to blueprint it all at the start, and take the time to look at and memorize those blueprints, in case you make a mistake down the road.

Used For What?

Your second step should be to figure out what you’re going to use it for because that might change the layout and design of the whole project. What if it needs heating or cooling, or plumbing? That means looking at different metrics and getting a whole new set of blueprints. Ideally, you should have already included this before in step one, but you might have missed something.

Concrete or Skids?

Sheds can be exempt from taxes if they’re built on skids, but building your shed and garage on concrete is highly recommended. You’re very unlikely to move it anyway, so it would be a good idea for extra security. Also, having an inch of foam, like extruded foam, under the shed’s concrete can help prevent condensation in the spring. It’ll keep the shed dry, even when the air gets warm, and the shed gets cold.

Those are just a few shed and garage building tips. If you have any questions, please contact us. We’ll be happy to give you some assistance on building or planning your own expansion.

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