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Nautical home decor

Most people spend a lot of money getting their homes to look the way they want them to, but the results aren’t always successful. Only about one out of every five Americans is happy with the home decor they have, and 14% even say their home furnishings make them feel downright gloomy. To try to make your home a more happy place, you might have to think outside the box and do some home decorating that you normally wouldn’t have thought of.

If you are one of the nearly half of all people who haven’t update their home decor in the past five years, it may be time for a radical change. If being by the ocean or a lake makes you happy, you might consider doing nautical decorations in your home. Nautical decor could include a life preserver or nautical wheel hung on the wall, or it could be as simple as pictures of water scenes.

About 22% of all people say they like modern home design, and that can mean a lot of things, but if you really want to jump out of the box, you could go for a science fiction look. Metallic paints and futuristic looking light fixtures could make your living room feel like a spaceship.

Perhaps rather than a modern look, you want a historical look. You could do your home decor in an Old West theme, or you might decorate with Victorian style furniture and window treatments.

Not every home decoration crisis is because you have a look you don’t like. Some people simply want to make changes because of a milestone in their lives. For example, empty nesters may want to redo their decor after their children move out. People also often make changes as they age and face retirement. For example, nearly two-thirds of people over the age of 55 choose to completely replace all of their furniture at some point. You might also choose to make changes on the other end of your life, changing your decor because you are starting a family.

Whatever changes you choose to make in your decor, whether it’s a nautical theme with a nautical clock and a nautical wheel or an Old West theme with saddles on the wall, you want to make sure it is something you enjoy and can live with for an extended period of time.

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