How To Design And Decorate A Beautiful Home No Matter Your Budget

Nautical decor

How do you create a home that feels like home? Is it the way you arrange your furniture or is a happy household more geared to the color scheme you use? Whatever your personal goals are, what matters most is the heart you put into your projects. A house is more than just a place where you eat and lay your head — it’s an extension of yourself, one that can lift your mood or dampen it throughout the week. If you’re starting to feel the drain of a home that’s not visually up to snuff or simply want to start a new home renovation project to occupy your time, read below to learn more about the basics of interior design and why your home can be the next brilliant element in your life.

What Are Popular Furniture Choices?

Furniture can make or break a happy home. You’ll want to find a sharp balance between beauty and functionality, creating a space that’s as efficient as it is indicative of your personality. The home decor market regularly rakes in $65 billion, with the year 2012 seeing the home furnishings industry in the United States generating over $80 billion in home furniture, general decor and lighting sales. Nautical decorations are still extremely popular among many Americans, ranging from a wall life preserver to a nautical clock.

What Are Preferred Color Schemes?

A color scheme can tie together almost any kind of furniture set-up, whether you’re putting a life preserver in the bathroom or filling a jar with shells for your kitchen window. A common rule of thumb across designers of all specialties is to keep color schemes simple, no matter your personal taste — anywhere from two to three colors is considered fine, broad enough to be easily customized and simple enough not to be too noisy or complicated for both first-time designers and seasoned home renovation specialists. Light blues and greens match well with white to create an ocean-like feel, while deep browns and reds are still considered a classic look by many.

What Are The Emotional Health Benefits Of A Beautiful Home?

A beautiful home is more than just a luxury. Clean spaces, lovely furniture and a pleasing color scheme have all been proven to improve an individual’s mood and overall mental health. Recent studies have seen 20% of Americans reporting they feel happy with their home decor, with another 14% saying their home furnishings actually make them feel gloomy, depressed or dissatisfied. When over a third spend anywhere from five to eight waking hours in their homes on a daily basis, it’s important to create a welcoming rather than frustrating abode. Thinking of buying a shell lamp or life preserver? It could be the touch you’re looking for.

What Are Pitfalls I Should Avoid?

Keep in mind these common mistakes and you’ll be on your way to a more ideal home before you know it. Remember that color schemes should veer toward minimalist to start with, using a few simple colors to tie everything together before branching off into more complex set-ups — neutrals like beige, gray and brown pair well with the primaries blue, yellow and red. Take good care of your products, particularly if they’re leather and require simple but consistent upkeep. Last, but not least, choosing a theme can help narrow down your choices and create a harmonious end result.

How Can I Create A Good Interior Design?

Creating a beautiful home can be done in a matter of days. Choosing a theme will help tie together your color scheme and furniture options — a life preserver and various nautical items like a nautical wheel or pirate decor can hearken to the ocean, supplemented even more by a breezy color scheme and functional items like loose curtains and throw rugs. Ongoing studies have seen Americans preferring the traditional look for their homes at 44%, with modern following behind at 22% and country at 10%. Whatever theme you prefer, rest easy your home is better off having your special touch.
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