3 Movies That Can Inspire Your Nautical Themed Home

Armillary globe

Did you know that 14% of Americans say that their home furnishings actually make them feel gloomy and only 20% feel happy with their home decor? When it comes to fun and imaginative home decor, no theme can beat the nautical theme. Decorating with nautical decor can liven up your home and make it a stimulating and welcoming place to be. That sounds great, of course, but “nautical theme” can mean so many things, where do you start? Since the nautical theme encompasses so many different themes within itself, you may need to find a little inspiration to achieve a nautical themed room or entire home that is perfect for you. Below is a list of classic movies to draw some inspiration from and help get the creative juices flowing:

Twenty Thousand Leagues Under The Sea

It won’t take much to capture the spirit of this Jules Verne classic in your own home. A replica diving helmet and a porthole clock may be all you need to bring out your inner Captain Nemo. Be sure to incorporate sea-inspired colors like rich navy blues and deep greens, which would compliment a replica diving helmet made of brass or copper.

The Little Mermaid

If you want your decor to bring out your whimsical side, a little inspiration from The Little Mermaid may be all you need. Mermaid figurines, sea shells and a mermaid ship figurines are all fun elements that can add up to a beautiful mermaid themed room that will have you whistling “Under The Sea”.


Who could forget this grown-up version of Peter Pan? Hook’s fantastical pirate imagery is a great source of inspiration for your nautical themed home or room. Pirate decor can be quite the conversation piece. With a room full of embellishments such as anchor decor and a nautical wheel, your guests will be wondering where you amassed such treasures.

So, if you’re one of the 47% of Americans who haven’t updated their home in the last five years (or longer), take some tips from the movies and start incorporating a fresh, new nautical theme. Not only will you enjoy coming home to your own water wonderland, your guests will love spending time there, too. Chances are they’ll even ask you if that replica diving helmet is the real thing.

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