Assisted Living for Seniors Could Be the Retirement Dream For You

Assisted lifestyle

Time is a funny thing that most of us try to capture or stop or understand, but that continues on its merry way, regardless of any attempts to thwart it. And it leaves us with the very simple lesson that if we cannot stop it, we should probably do everything that we can to enjoy each and every moment. Everyone will age, and it is difficult to understand the opposition to it. So many people do what they can to fight the natural aging process, and the search for the fountain of youth is just about as old as time.

But shouldn’t we revere old age, and welcome it as a blessing? Lives cut short are tragedies, and old age signifies a full life, that if well-lived, has come with joy and wisdom among everything else. Among obstacles and trials, there are always opportunities for progress, growth, and lessons to be learned. Growing older should not be feared, no one should be scrambling to avoid it. It is simply a part of life, the next chapter in a beautiful story.

Changes in your story as you age

The average age for retirement is 63 years old, though it is different for many people, depending on their jobs, personalities, and health. In an era of advanced science, medicine, and technology, that age is considered young. For some, retirement is something that they are excited for, as they prepare to relax and have time for the adventures that working always seemed to get in the way of. Others opt to keep working or devote themselves to volunteer work or other full-time projects so as not to get bored or lose their sense of routine. One survey conducted by Money Magazine showed that about 48% of retirees claimed that they were actually happier than they expected they would be in their retirement. Your retirement is yours to make what you want of it, but the happiest people who are retired choose to regularly take part in three or four different activities, whether those activities are family-oriented, personal hobbies, or being involved in the community somehow.

Taking care of your health

About 81% of retirees said that a status of good health was the most crucial element that contributes to a happy retirement. As one ages, it can be a bit more difficult to manage health issues, especially if there seem to be more and more popping up as the years go by. So for some people, when it is time to make the transition from independent living to assisted living for seniors, it makes sense to examine several different types of retirement homes and elder care options so that you can continue to enjoy your retirement in a community that best fits you and your lifestyle. Homes and communities that provide assisted living for seniors can offer quite a large range of services, depending on how much assistance you need.

What to look for in your new home

Many communities that offer assisted living for seniors have excellent health care and services, and a wide range of available support. Over 75% of residents in facilities that offer assisted living for seniors had had two or more of the 10 most common chronic conditions. The most typically-seen of these conditions were high blood pressure and Alzheimer’s or other forms of dementia. About 40% of residents required assistance with at least three different daily activities such as dressing or bathing. But not all retirees who are considering a move to a facility need so much care, and many of these communities still allow for a good amount of independence and autonomy. While many residences provide the availability of 24-hour supervision, for those in good health it is more of a convenience or service than a necessity.

Whether you can still take care of yourself or you need a bit of a hand, living in a community that could help with transportation, daily chores like laundry and housekeeping, maintenance, and health care, gives you a break and an opportunity to better enjoy your retirement.

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