Water Proofing Solutions 4 Popular Methods of Water Proofing

How to fix basement leaks

In order to preserve your gorgeous home until your grandchildren can see it, you’ll need more than beautiful paints and finishing. Water proofing solutions are necessary for almost every homeowner, and with common causes of wet basements and walls being inevitable, it is paramount to equip yourself when that leaky and dump wall shows up. It’s advisable that you know some of the common waterproofing problems just in case your house develop one, you are able to remedy it.

What are some common waterproofing problems?
1.Seepage and Leakages in ceiling
This problem can be as a result of blocked drainage pipes, incorrect slopes and cracks on terrace slab, causing a stagnant pool of water on the roof. Eventually, the standing water will seep and leak the surface below.

2.Dampness and Seepage of sunroofs
When joints in sunroofs and barrier walls are exposed to both sun and cold, there is differential in expansion and contraction that leads to the formation of cracks. These cracks will create a route for water to seep and advance to the interior ceilings. That’s what causes dampness on walls.

3. Seepage from tiles terraces
Normally, ceramic tiles are joined to each other and it’s from the multiple joints that water can seep into your house foundation or roof.

Now that you have established what’s likely to result in waterproofing problems, you can go ahead and try the below water proofing solutions products.
1.Hybrid PU sealant
This waterproofing product is effective and efficient in sealing joints and cracks on either side of your house, interior as well as exterior walls. Hybrid PU sealant is made from modulus silyl-terminated polyurethane and it quickly forms durable rubber type seal.
Homeowners will highly prefer this product for home waterproofing as it is easy to fix cracks and apply paint thereafter.

2.Damp roof
A damp roof is another popular product in waterproofing. It is a fiber reinforced elastomeric liquid formulated with plastic polymers that form a durable thick membrane upon curing.

3.Joint Tapes
In construction where ‘L’ shaped joints in buildings are formed, they are prone to develop cracks even before the construction process is over. These joint tapes are manufactured from advanced elastomer rubber that offers a rigid viscosity and elasticity in concrete structures. Joint tapes are also weathered resistance and you can paint your repaired wall without any problem.

4.Terrace tile primer
Fixing leaks in basement walls
, floors or ceilings is now easy with terrace tile primer. It is a water based acrylic primer suitable for non-porous and porous substrates like old paints, chips, and tiles and just like the hybrid PU sealants, it’s made from a single component, hybrid polymer. For all your basement crack and leak, try this product and you are assured of excellent adhesion and durability.

There is no more water leakage with these water proofing solutions. Choose the best that addresses your problem. Although, home repair experts advises on regular assessment of your floors, ceilings and walls just make sure the mentioned leakage and seepage problem don’t exist. Regular basement foundation repair is also encouraged.

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