The Truth About Hunting in North America May Surprise You

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The recent Cecil the lion controversy has every PETA members and conservationist up in arms. Many of the rhetoric surrounding this discussion seeks to ban hunting altogether. While hunting endangered species for sport is indeed a product of privilege, that is not always the nature of killing game. For those who understand the importance of hunting, the Cecil the lion and anti-hunting dialogue was missing many important points.
Did you know that with the rate of growth our population is seeing, our world will require 70% more food production by the year 2050? That’s a significant increase. Given the already scarce nature of many of our resources, finding these sources of food can be a worrisome thought for many.
But in the United States, many well practiced hunters are taking action, through the proliferation of hunting ranches and the acquisition of hunting land for sale.
So how does hunting land help the environment and availability of food? Firstly, the hunting land industry is also greatly invested in the idea of land conservation. In fact, these ranches conserve hundreds and thousands of acres of open land, sea, and forest.
Since these areas are conserved, wildlife is able to effectively breed in large numbers. And because they breed such a great number of offspring, hunters are able to hunt game without threatening the integrity of wildlife.
As many know, species such as deer are susceptible to overpopulation, creating problems for the human and natural world alike. Hunting ranches allow for animal population to remain under control.
In addition to hunting, these massive landscapes of hunting land for sale provide an amply bounty of natural delights, such as maple syrup, and various kinds of agriculture.
So what do you think about hunting now? Is it entirely unethical or is it way to provide both food security and further our land conservation efforts? Let us know in the comments below. See this link for more. Helpful info also found here. To see more, read this.

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