Donating Used Toys and Clothing Helps Those in Need

Donate household items

As you prepare to send your children back to school this fall, have you taken time to think about those people less fortunate than your family? While your children are heading out the door in new clothes with new backpacks filled with every possible school supply, there are children in your community much less fortunate.

Before you attack the kids’ closets, shelves and cupboards with a trash bag in hand, consider carefully sorting through the unused items and consider the option to donate toys and clothing to those in need. While you r son left school today in a brand new pair of brand name athletic shoes, there is likely some boy not too far from you that is still wearing his outgrown shoes from last year. So old that they are impossible to get clean, the shoes make his feet smell in spite of a bath. Why not make a good will donation that will decrease the clutter in your home, as well as provide needed clothing to someone else.

While research indicates that 42.7% gave more clothing donations, item donations, and monetary donations during the holidays than the rest of the year, it is never a bad time to donate toys, clothing and household items. Charitable clothing donations are especially important in the weeks that children head back to school. Going to school clean in clothes that are in good condition is a refreshing way to start the new school year. And while your children look forward to getting their new school clothes and school supplies at the local stores, many children hope for generous donations from people like you to get a fresh start.

Making the decision to donate toys
and other household items has never been easier. Not only do many donation centers have drive through drop off locations, but many organizations who serve the needy even offer to pick up your donations. A survey found that 50% of people making donations prefer this door-to-door donation pickup option, and more than half would not go more than ten minutes out of their way to make a drop off.

So whether you decide to take advantage of a donation pick-up service, or whether you take the time to drop off your donated items, giving your gently used clothing and toys is a good way to start the new school year. It is a generous way to share with others less fortunate than you and a great lesson to teach your children. Donating helps the next generation understand the value of helping those less fortunate.

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