Don’t Waste Old Clothes in Landfills When They Could be Changing Lives

Purple heart clothing donation

Between many years of holiday gifts and back to school shopping most people usually have closets full of clothes that either don’t fit or have just been discarded to make way for the new. Rather than sitting on the floor collecting dust organizations looking for charitable clothing donations would be more than happy to take them and put them to good use in the hands of those in need, such as veterans and the blind. Many Americans have already joined the cause to offer them what they deserve with around 4.7 billion pounds of clothes donations given each year.

Even further incentive to donate is fueled by the environmental impact that recycling clothes holds. The clothes sold in this country are not biodegradable, therefore the surplus of these textiles, adding up to around 10.5 million tons filling landfills every year, are stealing away more space from nature all the time. There is no sense in harming the environment with materials that could easily aid others when put into the right hands.

Many clothes may end up in the trash due to the lack of free time people have with the hectic hustle and bustle of the average American day. However, most charity organizations offer pickup for charitable clothing donations in order to accommodate busy schedules and expedite the process. There’s no longer a need to reorganize a whole day to help fulfill the happiness of families in need.

Veterans and those who are blind are just as motivated as anyone else trying to lead a promising and meaningful life but are unfortunately hindered by uncontrollable circumstances. If even a fraction of the the 70 pounds of materials and textiles each American throws away every year were instead given as charitable clothing donations, those in need can have a better opportunity to focus on helping themselves and others as well. If you’d like to donate or know someone in need, there are countless organizations that are ready to help.

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