Quality Amish Furniture Lasts Through Several Generations of Family Memories

The quality of an amish built garage

It has been a crazy end to the school year. The oldest has finished high school and is working on the last of the plans for the graduation party. The youngest has finished middle school and has wrapped up end of the year concerts in orchestra, band and chorus. It has been a flurry of long school days and evening events that have made it nearly impossible for you family of four to sit down for a meal together. But tonight . . . tonight is different. A couple cancelled plans at the last minute means that for once, smack dab in the middle of the week, everyone is home. And they’re home early. Early enough to have the youngest daughter say, “Let’s eat outside tonight.” As you glance at the weather station just to the right of the kitchen sink, you are pleasantly surprised to see that even the weather is cooperating. A lovely 70 degree evening for once. And just like that your family of four finds itself relaxing and eating in the custom Amish gazebo that has been empty most of the spring. These are the dinners that should last forever.

Amish furniture, which some say does last forever, is often made out of 100% wood, and your gazebo is no exception. In nearly all cases, Amish furniture is made 100% by hand and your quiet evening together mirrors the quality time spent when, in community barn raising style that is now outdated, the Amish could build an entire barn in about 10 hours. In your time together your family is not building a barn, but instead building a peace that just might get you through the busy upcoming summer months.

Quality furniture can be as reassuring as quality family time spent together. In addition to the custom Amish gazebo in your backyard, the wooden farm table in the kitchen and the window seat bench are other gathering places for your family when these kick back and relax moments allow your family a chance to breath. A chance to regroup. A chance to imagine what having two freshmen–one in high school, one in college–will be like. You need to take these times when you get them, they likely won’t happen much in the last few weeks of this summer of transition. You may not have too many more evenings of relaxing in the custom Amish gazebo that, for this evening at least, is a family gathering place of good food and god memories.

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