Why Do Donations for Veterans Make Such a Difference to Military Families? The Answer May Surprise You

Where to donate household items

Many people know the importance of giving clothing donations or household items, but when it comes to giving to a specific cause, many people are stumped. Donating clothing and other used goods is crucial to the United States, especially, as our nation produces the largest amount of waste in the world. Donating curbs pollution and helps to reuse items that are perfectly salvageable, which can help reduce the need for new materials to be created.

In addition to saving the environment, however, Americans should consider giving to a worthy cause. One such solution is to gather donations for veterans in you local community. As for how donations for veterans help military families and others in the United States, you may be surprised by the answer. These three reasons sum up the argument for helping military families and veterans pretty well:

    1. Donations for veterans help families make ends meet. Whether there’s a recently returned vet in the picture or the family is awaiting their return, veterans can be crucial for day to day life. Household items can help furnish a home, especially if a family has had to relocate to a military base. As some veterans focus on getting back to work, donations can bring peace of mind so families have one less thing to worry about.

    2. Think of the children when donating to veterans and military families. Children are also affected if their parents are either away on active duty or if they are part of a struggling family. While they may be excited to see Mom or Dad return from serving in the military, there can also be a period of adjustment as that vet finds new employment. Children who need new clothing, such a coat for the winter, can benefit from your donations, which helps Mom and Dad with household expenses.

    3. Items such as used clothing donations help the environment. Finally, everyone knows that donating to any cause can help lessen pollution’s toll on the environment, but did you know how much it helps? According to current research, clothing and textiles make up about 5% of all waste in landfills, and around 12 to 13 million tons of clothing are thrown away each year. The good news is that around 99% of those materials can be salvaged and reused again, so donating to causes that accept clothing or other household items is a great way to help the planet.

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