What You Could Do All Day Living in a 55+ Community

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Whenever someone mentions retirement, there comes an inevitable question: So what are you going to do all day? Well, that probably depends on where you decide to live in retirement. If you choose an over 55 community, you’ll have a great answer. Here’s a snapshot of what daily life can look like when you’re living in a 55+ community:

  • Housekeeping

    Unlike traditional assisted living facilities, 55+ communities often cater to people who still want to own their own homes and enjoy taking care of them. If you take a look at 55+ community homes for sale, you’ll see you won’t necessarily need to downsize, either, if you don’t want to. As for maintenance, you can look for a community that offers you a range of services so you can do the tasks you enjoy and not worry about the ones you don’t.

  • Golfing

    Golf is a major draw in active adult communities. By moving into one, you can get access to one or more golf courses and play as often as you like — even if that’s every single day.

  • Working Out

    Exercise has numerous benefits even as you age, and you’ll feel better and live longer if you take advantage of the fitness facilities offered by a community. These are often quite luxurious — more like a spa than your average gym.

  • Playing Tennis

    It’s true 55+ community living is about just that, community, but there’s nothing wrong with getting a little competitive. Find a community with tennis courts (or squash or racquetball), and you can even enter regular tournaments.

  • Lounging

    After all that activity, you can get some sun at the pool or take a soak in a whirlpool. That’s not a bad way to pamper yourself.

And if you’re hoping for a little more relaxed retirement (or perhaps your spouse is looking for a different level of activity than you are), don’t worry. Living in a 55+ community still allows for more traditional retirement opportunities such as playing cards or joining a book club or knitting club. So you can find the right mix of over 55 community activities that can appeal to you.

What kind of lifestyle are you looking for in retirement? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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