From Donations to Purple Heart Charities to Gifts for Children, Here’s How You Can Help Give in Your Community

Purple heart clothing donation

Giving is an important part of being a part of a community, but you may not be donating as much as you can. Current estimates show that around 70% of the American public donates to charity at least once annually, but just imagine what can be given to charity if everyone were to donate. However, some people don’t know where to start, and finding a reputable charity can sometimes be tricky. If you’ve had trouble deciding where to give your donations, you may need help narrowing down who needs your help the most.

From donations to Purple Heart veterans’ organizations to recycling programs with green charities, there are plenty of places for your charitable donations. Here are three types of organizations that you might find right in your town or city.

  • Green charities: Clothing produces some of the largest amounts of waste in the United States, which means that more trash winds up in landfills than necessary. The U.S. produces about 30% of the world’s waste, and around 12 to 13 million tons of that waste comes from clothing (about 5% of the total). However, clothing is easy to reuse and recycle, so many environmentally friendly charity organizations will accept these items. Even if you don’t think the clothing you have can be reused, it can also be broken down and recycled to create something new.
  • Veterans’ charities: For example, donations to Purple Heart veterans and other wounded veterans charities are important for helping military families and vets get the supplies they need. Donations to Purple Heart charities may include used clothing donations, food donations, and donations of household items like furniture and electronics. Like eco-friendly charities, these organizations provide an excellent use for your discarded household items and clothes.
  • Children’s charities: Many families these days have trouble making ends meet, which means that children may not have everything they need to live comfortably. Whether you have canned or dried foods that you can donate or clothing that your children have outgrown, every little bit helps. Ask your local charities what they can use and make sure to give accordingly.

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