Sleep Secrets Little Ways to Get a Better Night’s Rest

Adjust a bed

Think about your quality of life on a day when you have had a great night’s rest. Now think about living that way always. What helped you have that great night’s rest? Was it a really comfy hotel bed? A jam packed day of activities? A nice glass of wine? Sure, doctors can recommend big changes in our lives to improve sleep. However, these small adjustments should not be overlooked as ways to catch more quality zzzs.

Elevate parts of your body.
A flat mattress causes your body to go into improper posture and cramped positions while you sleep. A little incline at the top or bottom of your bed can help prevent you from curling or bending your legs and causing yourself pain. If you find that these inclines work for you, adjustable bed mattresses might be a good buy. This builds adjustable elevation into your bed. Adjustable bed systems are usually electric beds that move with the click of a remote.

Exhaust your body during the day.
People who suffer from long-term back pain are usually less healthy than those who do not. Also, the National Sleep Foundation says that chronic pain often comes hand and hand with insomnia. As frustrating as it may sound: this is a chicken and egg kind of problem. Are you sleeping poorly because you are out of shape or are you out of shape because you are sleeping poorly. No matter where the real blame lies, its important to get at the route. Start by really tiring yourself out and see how sleeping goes.

Switch it up.
The National Sleep Foundation says that an adjustable bed helps relieve pressure from areas in the body that make sleeping uncomfortable. Some people swear by yoga. Another governing body might say eat more kale. The point is, everyone needs something different. If you’ve tried adjustable bed systems, try something else. But keep on trying because you deserve a nice night of rest.

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