Little-Know Facts About Remotes

Remote replacements

Replacement remotes can be a pain sometimes, especially if you have older systems. Add in the fact that all remotes of course have a shelf life and die from time to time, and you could find yourself replacing multiple remotes. Read on for some interesting facts you should know about remotes before you decide whether or not to replace your original remote.

  1. More than half of families in the US- in their living room alone- have four or more devices that need remotes.
  2. In the United States, there are about 335 million TV remotes.
  3. There’s actually about a 50% chance that a misplaced remote is ‘hiding’ under your couch cushions, while 4% find them in the fridge or freezer and 2% find them outside or, in some cases, in their cars.
  4. Due to a missing remote, about one in five Americans have a system such as a DVD player that is rarely or never used.
  5. Around half of respondents agreed that a touch-screen remote would make their entertainment experience even better.
  6. Only one in 20 televisions came with TV remote controls in 1965, which was the first year those sales were recorded. 20 years later, this number jumped to half of color TV sets, and by 1988 it had jumped to three-quarters.
  7. 160 million American homes have a TV according to Nielsen.
  8. Worried about programming a remote? You don’t need to program original remote controls.
  9. If you believe your remote is dead, there is actually a five step restart procedure that most remote manuals don’t include which revives 1 in 3 remotes.
  10. It seems like common sense, but make sure to check batteries and whether or not something is preventing the signal getting from the remote to the TV before you say the remote it dead!

Replacing your old remotes could help you make the most out of your systems, and prevent you from declaring an entire system as finished. Make sure you check out all of your options for replacement remotes first!

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