TV Remote Controls Not Working? Try These Four Tricks Before Giving Up on It

Remote programming

We’ve all been there before: You’re on the couch with your family watching everyone’s favorite TV show, and when it’s over you use the remote control to shut it off. Except in this case, the remote doesn’t work, no matter how hard you press the button.

Whether it’s one of your TV remote controls or it’s the remote for one the peripherals (DVD player, Blu Ray player, Surround Sound or sound bar), there are ways to get them fixed or replaced. Take a look at these tips, so this situation doesn’t happen again:

    1. Change the batteries. This is perhaps the most common issue with TV remote controls. Usually, a fresh set of batteries will get the remote working again. If it doesn’t, however, it could be another issue entirely.

    2. Make sure the remote is clean. Parents with small children know the challenges of keeping a house clean — and the same goes for the remote control. If it’s had juice spilled on it or been touched by dirty hands, the buttons could be all gunked up. Clean the TV or DVD player remote carefully with a bit of water, and it should work again. You should also check the sensor on the front of the remote to make sure that it is not obstructed.

    3. Reprogram the remote control. These days, many TV remote controls do more than power the TV and change the channel. Some of them are made for all in one use for the TV, cable box, sound system, and DVD player. If your remote is on and working, but the TV and peripherals aren’t responding, check the owner’s manual for instructions on programming a remote and enter the appropriate TV remote codes.

    4. Check the web for a replacement. You may be surprised what’s available online. From all in one remote controls to specific brand replacements, the web may have just what you need for all of your devices — even the ones that are no longer being manufactured.

Have more questions about fixing a remote? Leave a comment below with questions or suggestions on what to do with a non-functioning remote control. See this link for more:

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