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Be the Hero You Want to See in the World

Helping military families

Everyone loves a good hero. Our society is obsessed with tales of superheroes, of people achieving great successes in the face of incredible obstacles, of people being helped by someone selfless and noble. And yet, with all of this focus on great deeds, so few people realize that each and every one of us have the potential to be great, and to do great things. Every single day hands us opportunities, one after the other to rise above the mundane and do something selfless and noble. Sometimes we accept these opportunities without realizing the impact we have, and other times we unfortunately let these opportunities slide right by. But if you keep your eyes and mind open, you can have your chance at being a hero as well.

The heroes that are the charities that pick up clothing donations (more…)

26 Mar 2016

Don’t Waste Old Clothes in Landfills When They Could be Changing Lives

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Between many years of holiday gifts and back to school shopping most people usually have closets full of clothes that either don’t fit or have just been discarded to make way for the new. Rather than sitting on the floor collecting dust organizations looking for charitable clothing donations would be more than happy to take them and put them to good use in the hands of those in need, such as veterans and the blind. Many Americans have already joined the cause to offer them what they deserve with around 4.7 billion pounds of clothes donations given each year.

Even further incentive to donate is fueled by the environmental impact that recycling clothes holds. The clothes sold in this country are n (more…)

28 Aug 2015

Should You Give to Charity This Winter? Yes, and Here’s What You Should Donate

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With the winter months comes the need to bundle up and stay warm inside the home. Unfortunately, however, not everyone has this luxury, and many people are without basic needs when the temperatures drop. While you may not have trouble getting food, shelter, and warm clothing, there are people in your community who may be having these problems right now.

But this problem isn’t one without a solution. By donating to charity, you can ensure that other people in your community and throughout the world get what they need when they need it. Here are a few questions you may have regarding donations in the wintertime, so you can be informed as you help others this season.

What Should I Donate This Winter?

During the winter, clothing is often the number one item requested by (more…)

04 Feb 2015

Donating Clothes? You Got Time For That!

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We are all so busy nowadays. In fact, Americans take less paid vacation time than other country in the world. We’re truly a nation of hard, dedicated workers. However, for as hard as we work, we’re also eager to show appreciation support for military families and veterans, especially in our local communities.

Between long work hours, hectic schedules, and little time off, we often struggle with what is the best way to make a charitable donation. However, charitable donations don’t have to take up too much time. In fact, there are several local and national military and veteran organizations that pick up donations, right from the cozy confines of your home.

Local donation pick ups have become increasingly popular (more…)

17 Sep 2014

Not Sure How to Start Giving Donations of Clothing? Here are Some Charity Ideas to Get You Started

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Have you ever wanted to give your gently used clothing donations to charity, but you weren’t exactly sure how to get started? You may have wondered “What are the best charities to donate to?” However, there is no simple answer to this question. There are plenty of charitable organizations that accept donations of clothing, though, and they may use them for a variety of purposes. If you’re unsure how to start donating to charity, here are some ideas to get you started in your search for charitable organizations.

    1. Thrift stores. Most thrift stores will accept clothing donations, especially if they are run by charitable organizations. These thrift stores sell donated cl (more…)

28 Jul 2014