Should You Give to Charity This Winter? Yes, and Here’s What You Should Donate

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With the winter months comes the need to bundle up and stay warm inside the home. Unfortunately, however, not everyone has this luxury, and many people are without basic needs when the temperatures drop. While you may not have trouble getting food, shelter, and warm clothing, there are people in your community who may be having these problems right now.

But this problem isn’t one without a solution. By donating to charity, you can ensure that other people in your community and throughout the world get what they need when they need it. Here are a few questions you may have regarding donations in the wintertime, so you can be informed as you help others this season.

What Should I Donate This Winter?

During the winter, clothing is often the number one item requested by local charities. Clothing donations are useful because they help to keep men, women, and children warm when the weather is coldest, and they can also be sold in thrift stores to benefit programs for the needy. Clothing donations that are most in demand include coats, hats, scarves, gloves, boots, sweaters, sweatshirts, pants, and other warm garments.

Why Should I Donate to Charity?

In short, donating to charity is as good for you as it is for other people. You get to help others all while helping yourself to a cleaner closet, less clutter, and, potentially, a write-off on your taxes next year. By donating, you can also help the planet. Each year, around 12 to 13 million tons of clothing and textiles wind up in the landfill, when in reality those clothes could have been given to charity.

What are the Best Charities to Donate to?

In actuality, there is no right or wrong answer to this question. There are plenty of charities out there, all with different programs and populations to benefit. For example, some charities have a focus on helping military families and will take disabled veterans donations of clothing and other items. For families and disabled veterans donations are vital in helping to maintain dignity and independence. Disabled veterans donations can include items such as clothing, food, household goods, and more; many of these men and women also appreciate items for their children and families, especially if they have had trouble making ends meet.

Above all, any charity you give to should have some personal meaning for you. It should also be a charity that you can be assured helps other people when they need it most. For maximum impact, and to benefit you as well, see if the charity you donate to can give you a write-off on your taxes.

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