Not Sure How to Start Giving Donations of Clothing? Here are Some Charity Ideas to Get You Started

Donate items to charity

Have you ever wanted to give your gently used clothing donations to charity, but you weren’t exactly sure how to get started? You may have wondered “What are the best charities to donate to?” However, there is no simple answer to this question. There are plenty of charitable organizations that accept donations of clothing, though, and they may use them for a variety of purposes. If you’re unsure how to start donating to charity, here are some ideas to get you started in your search for charitable organizations.

    1. Thrift stores. Most thrift stores will accept clothing donations, especially if they are run by charitable organizations. These thrift stores sell donated clothing in order to fund charities and donate the proceeds to others. These are a great way to give your used clothing, and many times there is a tax incentive for giving, too.

    2. Churches. Churches often hold charity drives and events in order to help others in the community. Many collect used clothing donations for the homeless or those who live in shelters. Find out if any churches in your area accept charitable donations, or see if your church is sponsoring a clothing drive. If not, try organizing one.

    3. Clothing drives. Whether it’s attached to a church or not, many charities operate clothing drives, either soliciting door to door for donations of clothing or organizing within a community as a way of helping families in need. Clothing drives often contain drop-off points, so anyone can donate any time. They often result in rummage sales or cost-free donations to the needy.

    4. Clothing pickups. Many charities also operate clothing pickups. These are incredibly useful for busy families because the charity comes right to them! You can arrange for a donation pickup by phone or online, and you can see which organizations in your area are canvassing for these donations, too.

Want more information on giving donations of clothing to a charity near you? Contact one of your local charities or leave us a comment below for suggestions and advice. For more information see this.

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