Donating Clothes? You Got Time For That!

Pick up clothing donations

We are all so busy nowadays. In fact, Americans take less paid vacation time than other country in the world. We’re truly a nation of hard, dedicated workers. However, for as hard as we work, we’re also eager to show appreciation support for military families and veterans, especially in our local communities.

Between long work hours, hectic schedules, and little time off, we often struggle with what is the best way to make a charitable donation. However, charitable donations don’t have to take up too much time. In fact, there are several local and national military and veteran organizations that pick up donations, right from the cozy confines of your home.

Local donation pick ups have become increasingly popular, as they allow citizens to contribute to a great cause on their own time. Many choose to donate clothes that are gently used, in addition to non-perishable food, household goods, and school supplies.

Clothing donations are perhaps one of the most common local donation pick ups, as they greatly benefit military families and veterans, as well as reduce waste in landfills. It’s been estimated that nearly 99% of clothing that is discarded, can be recycled or reused, so it’s important to donate items that are no longer in use and can benefit someone else.

So if you’re looking for a way to give back, but are short on time, contact your local veteran organization and schedule a local donation pick up. Many organizations allow you to do so online. Keep in mind that every donation, no matter how small, is making a big difference.

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