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Three Little-Known Ways Owning a Luxury Home Can Be Affordable

Big luxury homes

The U.S. housing market has more than recovered from the recession of a few years ago — and as a result, more and more people are able to build the house of their dreams when they opt for custom designed homes.

And if you think you can’t afford to custom build and design your next home, think again.

You may be surprised to learn just how affordable custom built, new luxury homes can be — for any income. Take a look at these three ways custom luxury homes can fit virtually every budget:

Today’s new custom homes are energy-efficient

Did you know that an amazing 99% of currently-existing homes in America are considered “sick” — essentially, expensive to heat and cool because they are drafty, damp and dusty — and could be made approximately 30% more energy-efficient? Rath (more…)

23 Oct 2014

3 Ways to Get the Best Furniture Prices Without Sacrificing Quality

Furniture stores spring hill fl

If you’re shopping for furniture, no doubt one of the things you’re keeping an eye on is how to get the best furniture prices. One option is to head to the Internet or big-box stores, but the quality on these pieces is often low. If you’re looking to buy high quality furniture with some lasting value — but not bust your budget — here are a few strategies to consider:

  1. Keep an Eye on Seasonal Sales

    Just like clothing, furniture is sold in seasons. But unlike clothing, furniture from “last season” won’t look the least bit outdated. This means you can get the best (more…)

22 Oct 2014

Three Cool Things About Amish Sheds That Will Impress Your Friends When You Buy One

Custom arcadian pergolas nj

The worst thing about sheds is that they can be an eyesore and totally throw off the look of a property. We’ve all seen those sheds, unsightly with their metal roofs or improper size, their mass manufactured look. What you really want is one of those Amish built sheds, but you’re afraid of what your wife and friends will say. Why didn’t you buy a real shed, Tom? Why didn’t you just go to one of the big box stores? Aww what a quaint little shed you got there. Why didn’t you just build one yourself? Here are three reasons to justify buying an Amish shed that will put the haters in their places.

Amish built sheds can be customized
One of the reasons you can justify buying an (more…)

10 Oct 2014

The Importance of Sending, Receiving, and Displaying Flowers

Wedding flowers prices

Did you know that there are more than 36,600 florist businesses in the United States? In addition, the entire florist industry generates approximately $7 billion of revenue each year. The acts of giving, receiving, and displaying flowers have been around for centuries, as flowers are more important than many people may actually realize.

Flowers Are Perfect for Nearly Any Occasion

Flowers come in unique arrangements that help make significant events more memorable. Weddings, funerals, anniversaries, and church masses, for instance, are all made more picturesque by adding flower arrangements to them. Fortunately, whether you need affordable wedding flowers or a unique arrangement for a loved one, an online florist shop can provide you with everything you need.

Flowers Are a Reflection (more…)

09 Oct 2014

How to Make a Pool House an Affordable, Simple Addition to Your Home

Amish playhouses

Adding a complete pool or guest house to your home may sound like a simple proposal. But once you start to look into not only the cost of running plumbing and electrical to your backyard, but also the hassle of obtaining all the proper building permits to do so, you may just give up altogether. But there’s a far simpler, more affordable middle ground that will meet the needs of most homeowners:

Custom Sheds

Even though you may think of a shed just as a prefabricated plastic storage space, the term merely refers to any simple one-story building. And instead of the metal, vinyl or plastic siding of many cheap garden sheds, (more…)

03 Oct 2014

TV Remote Controls Not Working? Try These Four Tricks Before Giving Up on It

Remote programming

We’ve all been there before: You’re on the couch with your family watching everyone’s favorite TV show, and when it’s over you use the remote control to shut it off. Except in this case, the remote doesn’t work, no matter how hard you press the button.

Whether it’s one of your TV remote controls or it’s the remote for one the peripherals (DVD player, Blu Ray player, Surround Sound or sound bar), there are ways to get them fixed or replaced. Take a look at these tips, so this situation doesn’t happen again:

    1. Change the batteries. This is perhaps the most common issue with (more…)

01 Oct 2014