Three Little-Known Ways Owning a Luxury Home Can Be Affordable

Big luxury homes

The U.S. housing market has more than recovered from the recession of a few years ago — and as a result, more and more people are able to build the house of their dreams when they opt for custom designed homes.

And if you think you can’t afford to custom build and design your next home, think again.

You may be surprised to learn just how affordable custom built, new luxury homes can be — for any income. Take a look at these three ways custom luxury homes can fit virtually every budget:

Today’s new custom homes are energy-efficient

Did you know that an amazing 99% of currently-existing homes in America are considered “sick” — essentially, expensive to heat and cool because they are drafty, damp and dusty — and could be made approximately 30% more energy-efficient? Rather than buying a house that wastes energy and money, you can save hundreds of dollars each month by instead choosing new luxury homes for sale that have the best appliances and save energy.

Custom built homes can be luxurious for less

When building a custom luxury home, you can set a budget for the construction process and then stay within it. Even better? It’s typically less expensive to build a custom home with deluxe appliances, interiors and features rather than buying existing luxury homes for sale.

Building your own home lets you tailor-make your home to your needs

If you live by yourself, you might not want or need luxury homes for sale that have five bedrooms and multiple bathrooms. Why waste money on all this extra space when you can build a luxury home that’s just the right size for you?

Already own a custom built luxury home? Share your favorite things about your house with us in the comments below. More. More.

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