What is it Like to Give a Child Up For Adoption

What is it Like to Give a Child Up For Adoption

This video is from the Adoption Network Law Center and focuses on creating an adoption plan for your baby. They remove the stigma attached to adoption, as well as the terms putting or giving a child for adoption. They explain how and why the process works for many.

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The video talks through the steps of adoption:

Step 1: Contact Adoption Network

Unplanned pregnancies may feel stressful, but you are not alone and you have options.

Step 2: Discuss Your Decision to Create an Adoption Plan with Your Adoption Advisor

Step 3: Choose the Perfect Family

Step 4: Decide Who You Want There to Support You During Delivery of the Baby

After this is when the formal paperwork for the adoption process starts. Adoption gives the gift of life and creates a forever home for a child.

The Adoption Network provides as much support as you desire throughout the entire process. That continues after the adoption process concludes. They support whatever decision you make and hold your hand the entire time.

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