What Is It Like Living in a Retirement Community

What Is It Like Living in a Retirement Community

This video talks all about retirement community, including what they are, how they work, and the cost. It also helps determine if they are right for you.

This video is part of a series called Retirement Rescue. Retirement communities is a term used to talk about many places for retirement living, including 55 and older communities. These communities have smaller homes with less maintenance.

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These communities have homes with small yards and individuals that handle any maintenance problems.

These communities are often on a golf course or a lake. People move to these communities because they want an easy life with lots of amenities. These communities are not cheaper.

Other retirement living communities may include housing that does not have a kitchen. You eat in a dining room and receive slightly more assistance.

There is also assisted living where people on staff provide any assistance you may need, including dressing and eating. Nursing homes may also be considered retirement living, depending on your needs. All of these levels have differing levels of care, independence, and amenities.

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