Understanding Home Health vs Home Care

In this video, you will learn about home health caregivers, home health care, and home care. You will understand the differences between home health caregivers and home caregivers. Furthermore, you will learn about the misconceptions, common service offerings, and payment options for home health caregivers and home caregivers.

Home health caregivers are the critical components of ensuring home transition and recovery of a patient or elderly person in the home. Once discharged from the hospital, almost one in five elderly patients is again hospitalized within thirty days from a preventable issue. Home health caregivers are trained and skilled health professionals who take care of all the health aspects of the patients in the homes. In this video, you will learn, how to hire and what questions to ask while choosing the home health caregivers. Moreover, you will learn about payment options like private pay, veteran’s assistance, or grants, and reverse mortgages.

Home care includes the support of patients or elderly people in their daily life. It includes personal bathing, grooming, meal preparation, light housekeeping, emotional support, and transitional care. The home caregivers are not skilled or trained in the health aspects of their clients instead their focused area is to provide general support.

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