Tips to Help Plan Your Perfect Home Renovation

Planning your perfect home renovation can be both stressful and exciting. There are so many things to consider when taking on any home improvement project, but renovating the whole house adds that many more choices. 35% of remodeling jobs involved the whole home. Colors, styles, themes, and functionality are all going to be important. Whether it’s renovating just a few rooms or every single room in the house, there are going to be a lot of different ways you can go about your renovation. When planning your perfect home renovation, you’re not going to want to overlook a single thing. Here are some suggestions for how you can do that.

Start by Making a Plan

The best thing you can do when planning your perfect home renovation is to make sure you have a detailed plan! A good way to do this is by going through every project you hope to do and pricing it out. Your budget may help you decide what needs to get done first or what you need to wait on until you have more funds. Another way to do this is by sorting your projects by similarity. For example, the kitchen and the bathrooms are different rooms, but both could require plumbing work. This way of planning your renovation is probably the way that makes the most sense, but be sure to do whatever works best for you.

Additionally, setting a timeline, even if it isn’t strictly followed, is a great way to help keep things on track when planning your perfect home renovation. Even if things do get delayed, this will help you stay on track more than you might have before. It also lets whoever else is helping you with your projects know what page you’re on.

Consider Your Budget

Setting a budget is one of the most important things you should do when planning your perfect home renovation. If you don’t plan a budget, it’s that much more likely you will get carried away with upgrades and before you know it, you’re a room or two short of what you wanted to do because you ran out of money.

If you need extra money to help with the renovations you want to do, consider taking out a home equity loan. A home equity loan is money you can borrow from the bank that’s based off a percentage of your mortgage that you’ve already paid off. While you need to already own a certain amount of the house to be considered for a home equity loan, making this not an option for new home buyers, it’s certainly a plausible option to get ahold of some funds if you already have paid off money towards your home. When planning your perfect home renovation, a home equity loan is a good option to consider when you need some extra money.

Consider When You’ll Need to Hire a Contractor

Even if you’re the handiest person in the world, you’re not going to want to do it all yourself. And for those who won’t know how to do things like install heating and air conditioning or roofing, hiring a contractor is a really good option. You’ll be guaranteed good work and they’re typically not too expensive to work with. A lot can be done yourself, but knowing where and when to hire a contractor to help you is going to be important.

While you may be able to do some of the hardwood floor installation yourself, a contractor will be able to make sure your floors are in tip-top shape. Especially if you’re pulling up a layer of flooring already to get to the hardwood, a contractor will know how to make sure there aren’t any errors removing the top layer and making sure the hardwoods underneath look as good as they possibly can.

Similarly with lighting installation, you’ll want to leave this to a contractor. Electrical work can be dangerous if you don’t know what you’re doing and you may cause more damage than good. While it’s all up to you which kind of lighting fixture you choose and even, to an extent, where your outlets can go, it’s best to leave putting it together to an electrician.

Another area where you would need to hire a contractor is installing residential garage door openers. This is a project that can increase return value on your home which means you’re going to want to make sure it’s done right, will last, and looks good. Even if you’re not considering selling your house, this is an area where you wouldn’t want to decrease your home’s value by attempting to install your own garage door opener with a makeshift system. Leave it to the professionals for certain projects when planning your perfect home renovation.

Know What You Can Do Yourself

While knowing what projects you shouldn’t do yourself, its equally important to plan which projects you can tackle yourself. For many, this is the really fun part of home renovations. Painting, cabinetry, appliances, and fixtures are all really easy things to replace or renovate. Let’s go through each room and see where you can have the biggest impact by doing these renovations yourself.

The Kitchen

Everyone’s favorite place to focus on remodels is the kitchen. Despite it’s limited addition to value, it’s a great place to let yourself run with your own personal touch. Kitchen remodeling allows for a great deal of personalization. The best place to start in any room when renovating yourself is the paint color. Painting is a really easy and simple thing to do yourself and will save a good deal of money on hiring someone else to do it. When considering paint color for a kitchen, consider softer, more neutral colors. Unless bold is your style, the soft colors work best when its time to sell.

Next comes the cabinets and countertops. Painting, replacing, or updating your cabinets is a really simple and easy thing you can do yourself. For example, even just taking off the door to the cabinets so you have shelving can change up the vibe of your kitchen. When considering countertops, just be sure to measure and remeasure before making any final decision. The countertops can have a big impact on the space and you’ll want to be sure they fit correctly.

While updating appliances is typically not something you want to do in a kitchen renovation because of the cost, if your appliances are old or not functioning correctly, appliance repair can be a worthwhile investment. It’s all dependent on you, your lifestyle, and your budget. If the budget isn’t an issue, go ahead and replace your appliances with newer and nicer. However, if you’re on a strict budget, repairs may be the best way to go if something isn’t working properly.

The Living and Dining Room

The living room and dining room are very similar in terms of shared space. These rooms are going to be very similar when it comes to wall color, decor, and even furniture in a way. When planning your perfect home renovation, if you went room by room, a lot of the things you need to furnish each room can be found in the same stores. Let’s start with furniture.

Furniture can really make or break a room. Having the right dining table is going to be a big deal if you’re a family that sits down together each evening to eat. For those who often eat sitting around the TV, your living room furniture is going to be all the more important. The dining room table has to be big or small enough for everyone to fit comfortably while also looking nice and being easily cleaned. Similarly, your couch and chairs will need to look nice in the space and be comfortable. These are not the most expensive items for a home and they allow for a great deal of personalization, so don’t be afraid to consider these when renovating your home.

Something the kitchen, living room, and dining room will all share is windows. Having energy efficient windows in your home will make a big difference in each month’s energy bill. Not only that, but there are plenty of options for whatever kind of space you need to fill. When planning your perfect home renovation, don’t forget the basics like windows and doors.

The Bathrooms

Bathrooms are another place where your personalization can make a big difference. Backsplashes and tiling are really easy projects to do yourself and can make the room pop. Having a theme for bathrooms is also super common. Paint color, wall decor, towels, and your shower curtain can all go together to match. Additionally, these are all really easy updates to do yourself.

Even changing the sink fixtures can make the space look that much different and isn’t too difficult to do yourself. Unlike when dealing with hardwood floors, updating or replacing tile is a little easier to work with yourself. If your bathroom needs a major change, consider redoing the flooring.

Outside the House

When planning your perfect home renovation, don’t forget the outside, too! Especially if you know you’re going to be selling in the near future, investing in the front yard can make a huge difference. For example, if you have a dirt or stone driveway currently, invest in driveway paving. Your front yard will look that much nicer and it’ll be that much easier for your kids to play on their rollerblades or scooter in the driveway. And if your driveway is already paved but could use some patching, this is easily something you can do yourself. You can buy bags of asphalt from your local hardware store and fill in wherever there are holes.

Another great place to invest time and energy into when you’re planning your perfect home renovation is the landscape of your yard. Do you have old, dying trees that need to be taken down? Or overgrown shrubs that could use trimming? Do you not have any of these things in your yard at all and should consider planting some? When selling a home, investing in landscaping is something that is very commonly recommended by realtors. Even if you’re not selling, this will add a great deal of character to your home and is something you can easily do yourself. Consider space for a garden or flowers near the front door. A few simple things can go a long way and landscaping is a cheap, easy, and can be a fun thing to do.

However, outdoor renovations don’t need to stop with the front yard. A great addition to any home is a deck or patio in the back. This creates a nice space for the family to enjoy outside time while still being able to sit and be comfortable. Your outdoor furniture will be just as important here and is another way you can personalize your space. When planning your perfect home renovation, don’t forget to consider your outdoor space. If you have kids, this will be all the more relevant as you’ll want to be able to watch them outside while still being comfortable.

Similarly, investing in a fireplace can be a great way to enjoy time with friends or family. Where you live will have a big impact on the kind of firepit you can have, but it’s worth looking in to. If you’re a family that likes to host, this will be all the more beneficial for you when you have people over. For many, there’s nothing like sitting around a fire with good friends and good conversation.

There are a lot of ways you can go about renovating your home outside of what’s mentioned here, but this should be a good start to helping you plan out what you want to do. The most important part of any home renovation is knowing what will work for your family and your lifestyle and going with that. Don’t fix things that aren’t broken, but also pay attention to what could be improved. The best way you can do this is by planning out what you want to renovate and what doesn’t need any attention. At the end of the day, you want to be as comfortable and happy in your space as you can be.

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