Creative and Fun Ideas For Your Next Family Photo Shoot

Children grow up fast and you want to capture your growth as a family with a photo shoot. If you’re like most families, you probably have a ton of photos on four different devices, but it would be nice to have one family photo to share with everyone you know. Taking a family photo can be a challenge in getting everyone ready and smiling at the camera all at the same time. There are some unique ways you can make a fantastic family photo that even the kids will enjoy. Here are creative and fun family picture ideas for your photo shoot.

Enjoy the Great Outdoors

One of the best family picture ideas is to use nature as a colorful backdrop. Whether you incorporate your front yard landscaping or the breathtaking views of the beach or local park, your photos will definitely be captivating. Choose a unique location or one of your favorite family spots. Use a bright wall or colorful mural as a background. You can choose to do some traditional poses or have the photographer snap pictures of everyone at play.

City life can also be a creative backdrop for family picture ideas. Snap some photos in front of architectural masterpieces or unique tourist spots in your local area. Bike ride or enjoy your favorite activities. Get messy and turn your family portrait into an outdoor paint fight. You can capture some interesting and unique shots as your family explores the world around them.

Support Your Favorite Cause

Some creative family picture ideas include support of your favorite causes like disaster restoration or charities that serve your local community. You can use your photo shoot to represent whatever matters most to you. You could consider volunteering for environmental cleanup services or serving at a soup kitchen. Your family can be reminded about your impact in the world every time they see the picture.

Some families use family photos to show what life is like with family members struggling with chronic conditions. You can use your photo shoot to capture a family member dealing with breast cancer or a child with special needs. These photos can be used to help raise funds for a charity to develop research for a cure.

Make a Splash

Some of the best family picture ideas involve summer fun. Gather the family at the beach and take some photos while building sandcastles, playing with beach balls, or making footprints in the sand. Splash around in the water or take a few shots on the family boat. You won’t have to worry about forcing your kids to smile and it will show how you interact together as a family.

You can also capture some fun family picture ideas at home with your above ground pool. Snap some photos while playing water games in the pool. Show off your best diving moves or make a fashion photoshoot with new swimsuits. This type of photo shoot will definitely make a splash with all members of your family. You can use natural light to your advantage and everyone will be more relaxed and less self-conscious.

Incorporate Your Favorite Hobbies

Consider incorporating your family’s favorite hobbies into your photo shoot. Show your love for your favorite sports team while wearing your favorite jerseys. If your children play a particular sport like soccer or baseball, have the family take pictures while kicking a ball around or playing catch. Dress up as your favorite superheroes or movie characters. Photograph your family cooking in the kitchen or sharing storytime together.

If you enjoy hunting, you can take a family photo at the gun range. You could display your love for fishing by gathering together at the lake with your fishing poles. Have a family camping trip and create family picture ideas sitting around the campfire. Toast s’mores or share scary stories around the fire. Have the photographer snap photos as you spend time together.

Test Drive Your Photo Shoot

Add some flair and style to your family photo with luxury vehicles. You can consider visiting local car dealerships and test driving the latest vehicles. While you’re testing out the vehicle, have a photographer snap a photo or two. Consider checking out a luxury car dealer and getting a few shots next to some fabulous sports cars. You may want to find some classic cars rarely seen anymore to put a unique spin on your family photo.

When it comes to family picture ideas, why not consider having an amazing night out on the town with your family? Get a limo rental and dress up in your nicest clothes. Your children will have an experience they’ll never forget and you’ll get to do something out of the ordinary and adventurous.

Include the Family Pet

When considering family picture ideas, don’t forget to include your pet. Let your furry companion roam about during the photo shoot. You may just capture some endearing and candid moments. If you’re getting a new pet from a shelter or animal hospital, you may want to hold an impromptu photo shoot celebrating your new addition. Include your pet in a holiday photo shoot for Christmas or Easter or dress your pet up just like the rest of the family members.

Pets can be tricky to work with when trying to do a photo shoot. They don’t always like to cooperate like you want them to. Be patient and bring plenty of treats. Relax and let whatever happen. Your pets can create some hilarious moments you can capture on film. You might even get a photo bomb or two that will have you all laughing every time you see the picture.

Create a Vintage Photo Shoot

Another fun option for family picture ideas to create a vintage photo shoot. Your family can pretend like they live in another decade by finding antique props and vintage clothing at a local pawn shop or thrift store. You can find some unique items like a poodle skirt for a 1950s vibe or some 80s leg warmers and headbands. You may even want to consider recreating moments when your children were younger.

Recreating the legacy of your ancestors is another great option for family picture ideas. If you have old photos from parents or grandparents, you can pay homage by recreating the moment. Find a similar location and attire and try to match the poses. Give these photos a modern look and don’t get too serious trying to match them exactly. You’ll have fun seeing the similarities of current family members and those that may have passed on.

Celebrate a Day in the Family Life

Capture the everyday moments you share as a family with a day in the life photoshoot. A photographer follows your family around for a whole day and captures any interesting moments that occur. This includes all the tears, laughs, and meltdowns. There’s bound to be plenty of photos that you’ll cherish as the photographer captures the moments you experience with one another.

Get creative as you want to be with the family picture ideas for a day in the life photoshoot. Think of exciting locations where your children give the best reactions. This could be at the grocery store or their grandparents’ house. Places that your children think are fun and relaxing will help them be more willing to snap a few photos of everyone together.

Play With Props

One of the best family picture ideas is to play with props during your photoshoot. You can hold up picture frames in front of the kids or the entire family. You can use things in your backyard to use as props such as wheelbarrows, wagons, or tire swings. Sit down on a picnic blanket or include wildflowers. Couches, ladders, and other similar items give you more posing options to work with.

When considering props with family picture ideas, you may want to include items that have special meaning to your family. This could include heirlooms that have been passed on or things you’ve collected together as a family. Bring along your children’s favorite toys or stuffed animals.

Spell It Out

Express how much love you have together as a family by using letters, quotes, or signs in your family picture ideas. You can decide on a word that you want to use and have each member of the family hold a different letter. You could also include a framed quote or chalkboard message in your family photo. This is an excellent option if you want to make an announcement such as a new addition expected in the family or childhood graduations.

Have Some Hilarious Holiday Fun

Spice up the family Christmas card by making some hilarious moments together as a family. Some fun and creative family picture ideas include wearing matching pajamas or building a snowman. Have the kids tie you and your spouse up in Christmas lights for a fun photo. You may want to dress up as elves or turn the family dog into a reindeer. Capture your selections in shiny ornaments or show off while decorating the Christmas tree.

Easter is another perfect time for some fun and hilarious family picture ideas. Take photos while coloring Easter eggs, capture the egg hunt, or put on some bunny ears and make silly faces in front of the camera. You may also want to catch some sweet moments of the children enjoying their treats and playing together.

Get a Reaction

One of the sweetest family picture ideas is to capture your children’s reaction as you and your spouse share an intimate kiss. This can get quite interesting as your children get older. Do your best to catch them off guard and make sure the photographer is ready to capture the moment.

Indoor Family Bonding

Your home is a great place for fun and creative family picture ideas. Snuggle up on the couch or sprawl out on your bed while your kids jump and play. Wear mismatched clothes or complementary colors worn in different ways. Use your front door as a backdrop. Capture the mess your kids make on a daily basis and your reaction to it.

Opt for Quarantine Chic

Living with social distancing and lockdowns because of the COVID-19 virus has been a challenge for most families. Why not make the best of it by incorporating it into your family photoshoot? You could stand out on your front porch and have the photographer take photos from six feet of how you look normally while being stuck at home. Show off your quarantine chic looks for some hilarious fun. You could also pay tribute to this period of time by holding props like toilet paper and canned goods.

Other family picture ideas for a quarantine chic photoshoot include dressing up as essential workers who’ve made a big impact or sharing activities you wish you could be doing. Use props such as bikes, surfboards, roller skates, or pretend birthday parties. It’s a great way to bring joy into a difficult time and remind you of who you are as a family.

Let Your Kids Call the Shots

No matter what location you choose, your child might balk at the idea of taking a family photo. Instead of struggling to get your child to cooperate, let them call the shots for a while at first. Have them decide where the photo should be taken or what poses you all should do. After a few pictures, your child may be more willing to cooperate with some of the poses you’d like to do as a family. You may like how some of the wild and crazy ideas your children come up with turn out!

The possibility for fun and creative family picture ideas is endless. Your family photo doesn’t have to be a serious undertaking. The most important thing to remember is to have fun. If your kids are groaning about having to take a family photo, use these creative ideas to help make it more interesting to them. You’ll be able to capture amazing moments you and your family will cherish forever.

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