Churches Are Iconic Symbols of the Center of Many Communities

Wildlife, sunsets, and church steeple pictures often fill the newsfeed of the social media group called Nebraska Through the Lens. When you combine two of the three, the picture is sure to garner a big following. In fact, the sun setting just so in church steeple pictures are some of the most popular pictures that ever get posted.

Perhaps it is not surprising that in the plains of the midwest church steeple designs stand out. Whether it is against the colors of the sunrise or the sunset or the stark darkness of the outline of an entire church in a field covered in three inches of new snow, there are many times when both professional and amateur photographers turn their lenses toward church steeple history, new construction, and deteriorating structures.

In addition to the visual images presented by the church steeples themselves, there are many church histories that sit at the center of entire communities. From the records that they hold of family baptisms, confirmations, weddings, and funerals to the annual picnics and weekly dinners that many places of worship host, it is not surprising that churches play important roles in communities of all size.

Are You Familiar with the History of the Church That Your Family Attends

There are also many things on the inside of a church that carry both traditional and functional roles. For instance, churches were not commonly furnished with permanent pews before the Protestant Reformation, but now these often wooden pieces are standard. In fact, they are so standard that when a church updates the furniture pieces that it has had for years there are often many people who are lined up wanting the older pews.

And while some church pews have benchlike cushioned seating, and hassocks or footrests, there are many others that are simple affairs made of wood that can make for great additional seating in an entryway or music room of a home. Although there are churches everywhere from Nebraska to California to New Hampshire, Mississippi is the most religious U.S. state, with 59% of its residents reporting as being very religious. This might mean, of course, that there are even more church steeples across the landscapes of that area.

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