How To Restore Your Church’s Former Splendor With Used Church Pews Or Church Steeple Crosses


Churches boast some of the most beautiful sculptures, paintings and architectural designs on the planet. When people step into their place of worship they want to feel as if they’re surrounded by something greater than themselves. This can, of course, be a little hard to do when you have a worn-out church steeple or broken churchpews to tend to. Finding replacements for your church steeple crosses can seem a little difficult, but there are more than enough experienced craftsman eager to restore your building back to its former splendor.

A little church steeple history can give you an appreciation for the building you return to every Sunday. Believe it or not, churches were actually not normally furnished with rows of permanent pews. This was an occasional decoration, at best, before the Protestant Reformation. Through the rise of the sermon as a main act of Christian worship did the pew slowly transform into standard item found in the vast majority of churches. Even the most ancient of buildings had to contend with their own versions of modern trends.

Pews even had a ranking depending on their placement. Until the mid 1800’s church seating arrangements would be crafted by rank, with higher social classes sitting closest to the alter and lower classes sitting further in the back. Some churches relied on benchlike cushioned seating or hassocks to give their worshipers comfort. This includes churches that have a regular tradition of public kneeling prayer. While this is still found in the occasional church, churchpews have found a place in all of our hearts as a noble and comfortable way of reuniting with faith.

You may not know it’s possible to rent churchpews. This was actually a source of major controversy in the 1840’s and 1850’s, particularly in the Church Of England, and this caused many Anglo-Catholic parishes to craft ‘free churches. These were characterized by many factors, including a lack of pew rentals, and it would take quite a bit of time for this attitude to slowly lessen in severity. Nowadays it’s quite easy to seek out used church pews and used church steeple crosses when you need more options in your budget.

Human history is filled with a wide variety of cultures who actively worship. Today’s America shows its own unique relationship with faith and how modern societies prefer to approach church construction and design. Gallup classifies as many as 40% of Americans as ‘very religious’. This is based off of a survey statement that religion is an important part of everyday life and that religious services are attended at least once per week. Mississippi is the most religious state in the country, with nearly 60% of its residents reporting themselves as ‘very religious’.

Pews have remained a mainstay in the majority of churches for some time now. Should you find yourself in need of a few replacements due to wear and tear, there are more than a few options you can turn to. Antique church pews can fit right in with the rest of your assortment, with plenty of aged wood models that will breathe new life into your church. Church steeple crosses can be custom designed or used, depending on your preference, and you can be given a picture of a church steeple as an example before committing. It’s also possible to find arrangements that include not just pews, but additional furniture needed for resting or eating areas.

While times and technology have changed, people’s faith certainly hasn’t. When your church starts to show its age, meet it halfway with used church steeple crosses or a new set of pews.

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