Stains, Dander, Mold How Sleeper Sofa Slipcovers Extend The Lifespan Of Your Furniture

It’s not enough to buy the right furniture for your home. You also need to take good care of it.

The best furniture should last a long time and age with you. Unfortunately, this can be hard when you’re going through several moves or constantly having guests over. Triple this if you have children or pets! Maintaining your furniture and keeping it just as beautiful as the day you bought it means looking into slipcovers. These are not just lovely to look at, but a highly functional way of keeping dirt, dander, and dust at bay.

What could a sleeper sofa slipcover do to increase the lifespan of your couch? Let’s take a look at the five most common contributors to damaged furniture and how you can get the most bang for your buck.

Too Much Light Can Harm Leather Furniture

Let’s start off the list with one of the most surprising causes of damaged furniture: too much light exposure. Leather furniture is a classy addition to just about any style, both for its velvety texture and old-fashioned appeal. When you want to enjoy your leather sofa or chair next to a window, however…you might notice some problems. Daylight has a tendency to crack leather and dry it out, creating a notable issue out of the blue. You can prevent this from happening by investing in a sleeper sofa slipcover or a 3 piece sectional couch covers.

Pet Hair Is Hard To Remove And Frustrating To Prevent

For those that have their light situation figured out, this might be your next big obstacle. You love your pets dearly, but the hair they leave behind can be a real nuisance. It isn’t always as easy as training them, either…since they can always sleep on your furniture when you’re out of the house! Couch slipcovers are the perfect addition in that regard, as they trap pet hair without ruining the look of your purchase. Tightly woven fabrics will do their part to repel dirt, stains, and hair throughout the week.

Just One Stain Can Ruin The Whole Package

All it takes is one spill to completely ruin your brand new couch. Not only do you have to remove the moisture as quickly as possible to prevent mold, you also have to figure out how to eliminate the stain. It’s much easier to prevent this from happening in the first place with a sleeper sofa slipcover. Synthetic suede is useful for not just resisting stains, but repelling water damage. You can extend this not just to your ottoman covers, but your fitted mattress covers for those lazy Sundays.

Dust Is Constantly Settling…So Keep It At Bay

Tired of constantly swiping off gray dust films off your couch and chairs? Make your job easier with a couch slipcover. A recent survey on the most ideal type of furniture found 90% of sofa buyers, specifically, saying quality and durability is important when making a purchase. Another 35% of sofa buyers state they expect to keep a newly purchased sofa for five to 10 years on average. While dust isn’t as damaging as mold, it can still irritate your sinuses and make clean-up a chore.

Water Damage Is Not Just Smelly, It’s Harmful

Last, but not least, we have water damage to prevent. It’s not just annoying getting rid of the aftermath of a spilled drink: you also have to take into account mold growth. All types of mold are hazardous to human health, even able to cause cancer if left to grow unchecked. Covers for pet beds are useful for repelling urine or mud, while daybed covers can keep an eye on all those surprise accidents. The online industry news source Furniture Today found American furniture sales will continue to grow exponentially over the next five years.

Is it any wonder why sleeper sofa slipcovers are leading the pack? Protect your furniture and keep clean-up time brisk. Look into mattress and sofa covers to get the most out of your investment.

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