How Donating To Charities Makes An Impact On The Community

Red cross clothing pick up

How often do you go shopping every year? If you were to break it down into how many times you go shopping every month or every week, would the number be higher than necessary? Most Americans have too many clothes in their closets. They have drawers full of clothes they wear every once in awhile or maybe never at all. They have multiple pairs of shoes and maybe even more than one winter coat for when it is colder. With so many extra shopping trips and extra clothes in our closets, it is time we all consider clothing donations like holding a Red Cross clothing pick up charity.

If you had to guess, could you estimate how much clothing you purchase every year? Could you total it together to estimate how much clothing Americans across the country purchase every year? The number is actually quite staggering when you put it all together. Statistics show that, in total, there are around 20 billion garments that American purchase every single year. When you go ahead and break down to each individual person living in the United States, that is around 68 pieces of clothing for every person, including seven pairs of shoes. Distribute it into all the weeks of the year, and that means Americans go shopping at least once a week to buy clothing for themselves.

When you think about all the clothes you do not wear any longer, what became of them? Did you throw them away or consider dropping them off at a clothing donation center? Around 10 pounds of clothes are thrown away by everyone living in the United States each year, according to the EPA. In some cases, the clothes need to be thrown away because they are no longer fit to be worn. In other cases, these clothes are perfectly acceptable as Red Cross donations. You could drop them off at a Red Cross clothing pick up center or hold a charity for American Red Cross clothing donations.

Luckily, although Americans spend a lot of time and money shopping for themselves, the majority of us still take the time to donate to charities every year. In fact, more than 70 percent of people living in the United States make the effort to donate to a charity of their choosing every year. In total, that equals around 3 percent of the income for Americans that is donated in one way or another to charities across the country.

Are you looking for a new charity to start donating to or have plenty of clothes to give to those in need? One of the best places to consider donating your time, money or gently used clothing items is the American Red Cross. This is a charity that never stops giving back to those in the need in the United States. Every single day of the year and every hour of the day, the American Red Cross works to help those in need receive what they need to get through each day. More specifically, they provide food, blood and shelter to families and communities who need that relief.

You can give back in a multitude of ways, whether it is to the American Red Cross or another charity of your choice. You can simply drop off your gently used clothes and other household items at one of the American Red Cross donation centers or you can host a charity event where you raise money and collect items to be donated at a later date to an American Red Cross center like a Red Cross clothing pick up event. If you host a charity, you can invite your guests to bring their gently used clothing and household items to be donated. They can also donate money and their time as volunteers to help charities like the American Red Cross.

Are you considering finding a charity to donate to this year? Will it be through an American Red Cross clothing pick up or another charity event? Let us know in the comments about your experience donating to different charities in the United States.

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