11 Unique Ways to Use a Custom Shed

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Think that Amish sheds are only good to store garden tools? Think again. Custom sheds can be used in a variety of interesting and unique ways, so long as you have the eye and inspiration for it. Here are 11 ways you can think outside the garden shed and really put your structure to work for you.

  1. Art Studio: Need a creative space away from the distractions of your home? Set up your shed as an artistic haven with all of the materials and supplies you need.
  2. Gym: If you don’t have the space inside, pump some iron out in your custom shed. No membership fee required!
  3. Home Bar: People who love to entertain can do it in style with a semi-outdoor pub space all their own.
  4. Playhouse: For the little ones, create a “no adults allowed” club house where they can be free to play and make their own rules.
  5. Game Room: Pool shark? Poker champ? Set up your custom shed with the right ambiance for a little friendly competition.
  6. Greenhouse: Nourish your green thumb all year round by transforming your shed into a greenhouse space for veggies or exotic flowers.
  7. Observatory: Ground Control to Major Tom… Keep your telescope and alien contact tools in a safe storage area where you can easily enjoy the night sky.
  8. Home Office: The budding entrepreneur in you needs a focused space to call the “office.” Give yourself some work-life balance!
  9. Workshop: Store your tools and working materials for all of those DIY projects on your to-do list — and actually get them done.
  10. Pool House: Noodles, floaties, skimmers, and sunscreen: Keep them all close at hand for your little pool of paradise.
  11. Inlaw Apartment: OK, maybe you shouldn’t tell your in-laws that you’re sending them out to the shed, but if you furnish the space with a bed and other accommodations it could make an excellent buffer for those “surprise” visits.

Whether you’re looking for a custom shed to call your own or just want to revamp the one you already have, a little bit of imagination and elbow grease can go a long way. Share your favorite custom shed uses in the comments below!

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