Donate Clothing and Change the World

Red cross pickup

Americans are a very generous people. There is no denying that. We hear many negative stories on the news about the horrible things we do to one another, but when we really think about it, we do more good for each other than harm to each other. Just a quick bit of research will show you that 70% of people in the United States give to charity each year, and 3% of American income is given to charitable causes on a yearly basis. We donate clothing, money, and give back to the communities we live in by volunteering. Charity is alive and well in America.

Despite all of the good that we do for one another, we might not be fully aware of what happens to our belongings when we are through with them. Most of the time, we throw them away without understanding the consequences of our actions, or even the actions themselves. In the United States alone, each person throws away and average of 10 pounds of clothing every year. If we would all consider what it would mean to the environment and to our fellow man to donate clothing rather than throwing it away, we could really make a substantial difference in the world.

Instead of simply throwing our used clothing in the garbage to be lost forever in landfills, used clothing donations can go a long way to providing much-needed aid to those who are in desperate need of it. The Red Cross is an organization that spearheads the providing of food, clothes, and aid to the homeless and those who are affected by disasters worldwide. A Red Cross donation center is a sure way to drop off your clothes donation to the right hands. Red Cross pickup programs might also be available to you in your area. Just check to see when they can come out and you can schedule to donate clothing at your convenience.

Those in need of Red Cross assistance range from disaster victims to those who are homeless. The disasters seem to get the most media attention, but the homeless are very much a part of our communities on a daily basis. In January of 2015, there were 564, 708 people who were homeless on any given night of the month. About 15% of the homeless population out there are what are referred to as chronically homeless. They may have no place to call their home, but they will go through clothing in the same manner we all do. They wear out their clothes from living their lives. If we all were to donate clothing that is slightly used, their lives could be improved immeasurably.

What we also might not consider when we throw our clothes away is that textiles are recyclable. Even if you think your clothes might be too worn out to donate, think again. Your favorite sweatshirt just might be able to see a second life as part of a blanket for someone who needs it.

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