Tips for Keeping A Baby Crib Dry

Fitted bedding

There are three main elements to waterproof sheets for baby. These are the waterproof barrier material, absorbent fill and top material. You definitely want to find baby crib sheets that are hypoallergenic as well as waterproof but that also feel good to the baby skin. There are various different types of waterproof sheets for baby cribs as well as protective pillowcases. Protecting from baby accidents during the night and nap times is important because, well, it’s going to happen. Between leaky diapers and potty training not going according to plan, there are bound to be quite a few little accidents that happen during sleep time. Investing in waterproof fitted sheets among other types of mattress protectors is a good idea and here’s why:

  1. The sheets come in fitted style much like adult bed sheets. Except they’re made of vinyl which is also known as plastic sheets. Usually you can throw them in the washing machine but one of the best benefits of vinyl covers is that you can wipe them clean very easily. If you buy the zippered style, then you can also protect the bed against bedbugs and allergenic material. That’s one of the best things about getting zippered sheets is that it’s not just about waterproofing but they offer protection in a number of different areas.

  2. Waterproof mattresses are great because they offer protection for the top of the mattress so that liquid doesn’t penetrate through to the fabric. Usually a waterproof mattress will feature skirted sides and several layers that work together to provide protection. In order to increase comfort you will want to check for the mattresses ability to air itself out in case you don’t get to the accident right away. If you have a waterproof mattress, there is generally no reason to get a waterproof sheets for baby cribs or even under lay. The mattresses can simply be wiped off, easy as that. If you choose to use regular sheets on top of the mattress, those can just be thrown into the washing machine and a little detergent and vinegar will clean those right up.

  3. You can actually get waterproof covers for blankets as well. This is only recommended if your child is old enough to be using a blanket to cover up at night time. Cribs should be kept free of loose bed clothing. They simply zip over whatever blanket you want to put inside and are machine washable and dryer suitable which makes them very convenient to clean. In a pinch, you can even just wipe them off with disinfectant wipes if you aren’t at a place where you can do laundry right away.

  4. If you already have a mattress or don’t want to invest in a waterproof one, you can buy under pads or overlays which are very affordable. You can place them either on top or underneath the fitted sheet. For easy changing in the middle of the night, it’s recommended to put down an under lay and then a fitted sheet and then another under lay and another fitted sheet. This way, if your child has an accident, all you have to do is strip the top two layers and your little one can be back to sleep in no time.

Accidents and spills happen from time to time. It’s just another wonderful part of raising small children. It can be very easy to get frustrated with this part of parenting and wonder if it was worth all that but be careful, because you may one day look at those waterproof sheets for baby cribs that they once used and reminisce of how they needed you so much. Cherish these times and try not to get upset. One day they are going to grow up and be independent and take care of their own children. While they may not remember these memories that you are building, that bond will be unbreakable and you will always remember these days and be able to share stories with them and with their children. They will one day be some of your most precious memories. Granted, there is quite a big gap of time between sleepless night and precious memories so don’t be too hard on yourself either.

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