Five Reasons Living in a Townhome is Best

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Whether you’re looking at rental properties for a short-term residence, or you are ready to settle down and purchase a home, considering a townhome to call home is a great option. There was a time that townhome rental properties were considered a thing that college students did; when a person was ready for more stability and a long-term living arrangement, they needed to get themselves into a single family home that involved mowing the grass every Saturday morning. However, in recent decades, townhome rental properties are developed with luxury to cater to working adults and families who are looking for their “forever” home.

As townhomes are being adopted in place of the traditional ranch-style home, that reputation is fading away. A few reasons that people find it advantageous to live in townhome rental properties (or to purchase one) rather than a single family home or an apartment include:

  1. Townhomes have more space than apartments, and layouts that rival single family dwellings. Many people associate townhomes with apartments, but they are far different in layout. An apartment setup usually involves only the necessary spaces: a kitchen, living room, a single bathroom, and a couple bedrooms. Townhomes, on the other hand, tend to take more of a resemblance to freestanding houses. As townhomes are developed to accommodate working professionals and families who settle in for the long run, a layouts are put together efficiently to optimize the space. It’s not uncommon to find townhomes that have multiple bathrooms and additional living space such as dining rooms and dens. When space is a consideration for your next address, you’ll find comparable layouts and space in single family dwellings and townhomes.
  2. Townhomes offer additional community amenities that are uncommon in freestanding homes or apartments. Unlike a freestanding house, most townhome developments include amenities like club houses, swimming pools, gyms, and community events. Many times, the community management of the townhome development maintains the lawn care of the townhomes, and provides parks so that residents can enjoy outdoor activities, without demanding the maintenance of having to take care of it by yourself.

  3. Townhomes involve promising investment potential. Property ownership is always a great investment, and often grow and value as time goes on. The investment potential of home ownership is no exception for buying a townhome. If you purchase the townhome and decide to move on later, you have an asset that will pay you back. The set up of townhomes are very attractive to potential renters, making it a great source of income. Additionally, the property values of townhomes are often protected by the development management, which makes them easy to sell if you decide to, sometimes for an excellent profit.
  4. Townhomes offer excellent energy efficient. Rising energy costs and scarce natural resources make energy efficiency a huge subject of interest for home shoppers right now. Since townhomes share a wall with their neighbor, it optimizes the insulation and energy efficiency of the home. Think about it: in the dead of winter or dog days of summer, if you live in a freestanding home, your home has to fight against the extreme temperatures bombarding it in every direction to keep its interior at a comfortable temperature. On the other hand, when one or two sides of your home adjacent to another toasty warm or comfortably cool home, your heater or AC has to do a fraction of the work to maintain the internal temperature. This especially has a big impact on energy efficiency (and therefore your electric bill), since air conditioners are the greatest energy consumers in our home.

  5. Townhomes typically have heightened security. Crime tends to be lower in townhomes because of the close proximity of dwellings makes break-ins easier to detect. Also, the close proximity of neighbors and community-focused mindset of townhome developments creates a network of protection within the community; your neighbors are watching out for you and vice versa. Additionally, many townhome developments include additional security measures such as gated communities and Neighborhood Watch committees, that reduce crime and make residence feel safer.

We want to hear from you! Do you live in a townhome? What do you love and hate about it? Please share with us below!

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