How Adjustable Beds Help Those With Back Pain Sleep Sound Through the Night

Adjustable base bed

Sleep is a beautiful thing; we spend roughly a third of our lives snoring, dreaming, and counting sheep. For some, waking up from sleep is a painful process with discomfort and even pain as a result of a poor mattress. Many Americans have already found relief with adjustable bed systems. These adjustable beds can support the top half of a person’s body like a couch; studies have shown that those who lie in bed for more than 20 minutes without sleeping can actually have difficulty falling asleep. Here’s how adjustable bed mattresses help millions of Americans get more restful sleep faster without pain every night.

Sleep Pains

The National Sleep Foundation has stated that the leading medical issues that prevent sleep are back and neck pain, headaches, and Temporomandibular Joint Disorders (TMJ) — TMJ is pain around the jaw and the surrounding muscles. Studies have found that the way we sleep distributes pressure on our spines and neck in various ways, resulting in potential pain. When a person sleeps, they unconsciously try to change positions in order to avoid the pain; this could be why many people with sleep pains never feel fully rested.

Different Styles of Adjustable Beds

Studies have shown that certain styles of adjustable beds can help find relief for those who suffer from painful or restless sleep. According to the National Sleep Foundation, an adjustable bed can help take pressure off those areas of the body that make sleeping uncomfortable. A slight incline at the head or foot of the bed can also prevent people from curling up or bending their legs. Although all adjustable beds have varying degrees of inclines for the head and feet, there are a number of mattresses available to choose from. There are adjustable memory foam beds that help many from rolling around in their sleep. Adjustable beds come in queen and king sizes for couples as well. Don’t waste a third of your life being miserable — get the sleep that you need with adjustable beds.

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