Charitable Donations Why They’re Easier Than Ever

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Did you know that an estimated 90% of the clothing thrown out in the United States in 2011 could have been reused or recycled in some way? It?s a sad truth that much of the clothing that could be converted into charitable donations is tossed aside. Why is this? Part of the reason could be a lack of awareness ? people simply don?t know that their unwanted clothes could be of use to others. Part of it could also be due to a lack of convenience, with comparatively few being aware of the used clothing pick up systems some charities have recently taken on. The best thing that can be done to remedy this situation is to spread awareness.

Who Does A Charitable Donation Of Clothing Help?

The kinds of people that your charitable donation can help is virtually limitless. Some charities mean to help the poor in their local community, whereas others have more specific people in mind. There are military charities, charities with the goal of helping families in need, and many more. Certain charities also make sure that the clothing you donate goes to people who cannot otherwise afford clothes. Either way, the clothing is sure to be sold: the average American purchases an estimated 10 pounds of previously used clothing each year.

What Is A Used Clothing Pick Up?

If you lack the time to take a ton of clothing personally to your local charity, never fear. That?s what a used clothing pick up is for. In some cases, charities have large areas for people to drop of clothing in a timely manner. In others, certain charities have even arranged for employees to pick up used clothing from your home, ensuring that you can take care of what you need to without worrying about dropping off used clothing. This kills two birds with one stone; you?re clearing your house of unnecessary clutter and doing whatever you need to with work or family!

How Does Donating Clothing Help The Environment?

Overall, an estimated 12 million tons of clothing and textile waste are tossed out in the U.S. annually. What is truly devastating about this, aside from the general wastefulness, is what it does to the environment and the world at large. Donations are a part of recycling ? otherwise, the clothes thrown away end up in landfills, where they are for the most part not at all biodegradable. By donating clothing, you are not only helping people directly but indirectly by helping preserve the environment.

Thanks to new innovations in picking up and dropping off clothing, there is no reason why you can?t donate the clothes you want to. The process has become entirely painless, and you?ll rest easy at night knowing that you?ve done a very good deed.

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