Tips for Buying and Caring for Oriental Rugs

oriental rugs for saleOriental rugs are beautifully ornamented carpets that add class and style to any home. Their history dates back to the Sassanid period (224 to 641 CE) as is evidenced by Chinese texts that mention Persian rugs. They all have extremely rich and vibrant color combinations, a distinct knot and very thick pile, which can be up to 160 knots per square inch. When you find Oriental rugs for sale you may wonder what the best way is to select one.

  1. Look for reputable Oriental rug dealers. It is not enough to find someone with Oriental rugs for sale, you need to find someone you can trust. A reputable dealer of Persian Oriental rugs will want to educate their customers about the history of Oriental rugs and the different features or origin of the different rugs. The rug’s region of origin or weave are where they get their name. A good dealer will want to explain all details of their Oriental rugs for sale.
  2. Determine what kind of rug will work in your home. How big is the room where you will place your Oriental rug? How big do you want the rug to be? How much of the floor do you want it to cover? You should have your dimensions ready when you look at Oriental rugs for sale. These rugs also come in a variety of styles ranging from very traditional to more modern. Which would work with your existing decor or the mood you want to create withe the rug? When you talk to dealers, having these decisions made will help narrow down the number of rugs the dealer will show you. If you are unsure what would work in home, consider talking to a designer who is knowledgable in Oriental rugs.
  3. Avoid rugs made by children. Cheap rugs are often made by child labor. The best quality Oriental rugs for sale are made by adult artisans. If you go to a reputable dealer, the likelihood of them selling rugs made by child labor is lower but you can also look for the GoodWeave® label.

Once you have purchased an Oriental rug, there are a few things you can do to keep it in good shape.

  1. Rotate it. You should rotate your rug every two to three months to reduce wear and tear to avoid needing to seek out a rug repair service.
  2. Shield it from the sun. Protect it from sunlight to keep the vibrant colors and design from fading. Sunlight can fade the dye more quickly than with other types of carpet.
  3. Clean it. You should vacuum it regularly but also take it to an Oriental rug cleaning service every three to five years for a professional washing. This will extend the life of the rug by preventing dirt and dust buildup. It will also help restore the natural fibers to the state they were in when you bought the rug.
  4. Air it out. Moisture is the enemy of the Oriental rug. Mildew can develop, which will destroy your rug.
  5. Turn it over. The fringes can tangle. To prevent this, flip it end over end.
  6. Persian rugs can add warmth and style to any room and last for years with the right care.

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