What Assisted Living Facility Is the Right One?

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Most Americans will need long-term care. In fact 70% of people over age 65 need it. As we are living longer, people who read age 65 today can expect to live more than 18 more years up from just four in 1960.  All of this means that many of us will have to help our parents and other loved ones research assisted living facilities.

When looking at assisted living
facilities, it is important to do the research. Senior housing options vary considerably from community to community in the services they provide and the overall atmosphere. Many seniors live in facilities that allow them independent living while offering support 24 hours a day and seven days a week, if they need it. Nearly 85% of people who live in these independent senior housing communities would recommend them to other people.

Tips for Touring Assisted Living Communities

  1. Have a meal in the dining room. Most assisted living homes have a dining room. This needs to be a place your family member would enjoy going to as it may become an important part of their social life. Also, if the food is terrible, it may show there are problems at the facility. You can also ask the residents what they really think of the place.
  2. How clean is it? Huge dust bunnies laying all over does not say anything good about a place. If you
  3. Is the staff friendly? If they are not happy, they can make the residents of the facility really unhappy and that’s not a good situation to go into. On the other hand, a happy staff that interacts well with the people who live in the community can really make a big difference. If you can visit the community during an activity, you can really get a sense for how the interaction between residents and staff is.
  4. Are the current residents happy there? Ask them what they like and dislike about the place. It may look fantastic on paper but be less than that when you talk to the people who live there. If you can, ask their friends and family what their experiences with the staff are. Look for reviews online.
  5. What nighttime services do they have? If your loved one needs help at night, who is there? Some facilities have nursing staff available at night. Others can help with medication issues. Some offer a service to check on residents each evening. Make sure they offer the services you know your loved one needs.
  6. Trust your gut. If you visit a place and just get a great vibe from the staff, that is wonderful. If a place gives you a negative feeling, listen to it. Ask questions about what you are worried about. This is a big decision for you and your loved one. Do not dismiss that gut feeling you have about a place as being silly, chances are that it is not.

Assisted living facilities offer seniors the ability to live independently longer and that is a good thing. Finding the perfect fit for your family member will take work but it will be worth it.

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