Planning a Big Party on a Small Budget? 3 Money Saving Tips

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In the United States, party planning is big business. The average wedding costs in excess of $30,000, but that’s hardly the only celebration that inspires Americans to break out the big guns. The average Bat Mitzvah can cost between $15,000 and $30,000, while Sweet Sixteen celebrations run up to $25,000.

Of course, not everyone wants to spend their life savings on a single party, especially a children’s party. So how can you save money when planning a party on a tight budget?

1. Rent a Tent Instead of a Venue

The most sought after party and event venues can have long, long waiting lists and high, high deposits. But renting a tent for your backyard provides a much more affordable alternative. Plus, modern tent rentals are sophisticated, eye-grabbing structures that can add a touch of elegance to familiar surroundings.

2. Find a Single Supplier for Party Event Rentals

Party tent rentals can turn your backyard into a classy venue (and save money), but chances are you’re going to need to rent tables, chairs, linens, and more for the big day. Save money by renting all your party supply rentals from the same company, rather than paying deposits to various party rental equipment services.

3. Know What You Need

Make sure you know exactly what you need, otherwise you could end up overspending on over-sized party equipment. For instance, if you’re interested in outdoor dance floor rentals, experts recommend getting five square feet per person. For a stand-up cocktail reception, you’ll want six square feet per person. Once you have an accurate guest list, make sure you aren’t renting more than you need. There’s nothing sadder than investing in outdoor dance floor rentals that no one ends up using.

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