Texas, California, Colorado Top States For Prime Cattle Ranches

Cattle ranches for sale in texas

Quality ranches and farmland are the lucrative and essential markets we need in an increasingly globalized and populated world. They provide people with everything they need to get by, from vegetables to meat to dairy to wool. The United States has tens of thousands of farms all working in unison to keep the country running smoothly and efficiently, with multiple states being prime contenders for quality ranches and farms for sale. If you’re considering prime farmland to start your business or build your future home, keep reading — below I’ll detail farming statistics in the U.S. and the world, the ideal luxury ranch and popular cattle ranches for sale.

Facts And Statistics

The population of the world is growing at an unprecedented rate. It’s been estimated that people worldwide will need as much as 70% more food production by the year 2050, with potatoes, wheat, corn and meat being the most vied for markets. California alone provides the United States with a third of its food, specializing in fruits and vegetables. More than 200 crops grow in Central Valley and their almond growth accounts for a large amount of the world’s supply. The state of Texas rakes in as high as $36.4 billion in agriculture and related businesses every year.

Cattle Ranches In The U.S.

Did you know there are over 2 million farms in the U.S. alone? Over 90% of farms in America are family-own and run, often passed down through the generations to each successor and continuing a unique reputation for their products. The average size of a farm in Texas is well over 500 acres and the state has consistently ranked first in terms of farm real estate value and amount of available ranch land. The states with highly ranked member ranches include Arizona, Colorado, Idaho, New Mexico, Wyoming, Arkansas and Washington. Reputation, good weather and a thriving community go a long way in finding quality cattle ranches for sale. Make sure you pick a climate and a state that suit you and your goals so your decision can last for many generations and onward.

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