45 Million People in the United States Fall Under the Poverty Line

Lightly used clothing

Donations for non profit organizations truly go a long way in the fight against homelessness and poverty. Non profit organizations that focus on used clothing go a long way in helping out the less fortunate. In terms of homelessness, the United States by its own estimates has a little less than 600,000 people without a home to go to. Nearly a quarter of them are children and another eight of them are military veterans, many of whom suffer from mental illnesses such as post traumatic stress disorder. In terms of poverty, the figures are even more staggering. There are approximately 45 million people in the U.S. who live under the poverty line. For these men, women, and children, getting by is a daily struggle — even more so than for the millions of other Americans who aren’t below the poverty line but who struggle to get by in our bleak economy.

To add insult to injury, the charitable donations Americans give every year are mostly done by those who don’t necessarily have money to throw around. Consider than in 2013, corporate donors — the organizations that can afford to give out the most — donated the very least. Just 5% of total charitable giving that year were from corporations. In contrast, the education sector donated 16% and individual donors, many of whom are middle-class income earners, donated a whopping 72%, or $240 billion.

For these reasons and many more, donating clothes to charity is important now more than ever for the well being of our society. There are a number of charities to support for this end, all of them doing fantastic work nonstop. Consider donating your lightly used clothing to charity today. It will make a world of difference for the millions of Americans who are out on the streets or down on their luck.

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