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This winter has been particularly cold and relentless. Winter is bad enough for those with means. For those who are needy — the poor, the sick, the elderly, the homeless — winter can be not only difficult; it can be devesting. Unfortunately, far too many people in the U.S. (and the world) struggle to find suitable clothing. Thousands of people every year find themselves with little to no options in regards to clothing themselves. It’s bad enough to have no money. It’s even worse to have no clothes.

This is precisely why clothing donations are important now more than ever. Charitable clothing donations are critical for those who are unable to help themselves. Unfortunately, we as a society cannot rely on those who have the most means to aid the poor and hungry. Did you know, for example, that corporate charitable donations accounted for only 5% of all donations made in 2013? Did you also know that the education sector donated 16% and that individuals donated up to 72% of total donations? Figures like these show the unfortunate reality that the people on the fringes of society cannot depend on those with a lot of money to help them out. It is up to the general population to do what it can to take care and cloth those who cannot clothe themselves.

Donating clothes is simple enough. There are a variety of charitable organizations in the U.S. that accepts used clothing. There are even charities that will pick up donations on your doorstep or curb. No matter what race, creed, nationality, or religion you belong to, donating clothes to the poor is a noble, gracious, and humble act that benefits not only the recipients of the clothing but also mankind.

Do you know of any charitable organizations that accept used clothing? Feel free to leave a comment at the bottom. Get more on this here.

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