How to Pick the Perfect Adjustable Bed

Adjustable bed mattresses

Often when shopping for the home, making one decision simply leads to dozens more. This is particularly true for bed shopping. If you’re reading this, then you’ve probably settled on making your next bed an adjustable bed. This is a sound investment if you want the support of a chair in bed form and if you’re trying to mitigate bothersome neck and back pain during sleep. In fact, according to an inquiry made by the National Sleep Foundation, adjustable beds may help relieve the pressure on problem areas of the body like the spine that hinder sleep.

You probably thought the hard part was over, but as it happens the styles of adjustable beds are overwhelmingly numerous. Below are some tips to guide you through the selection process and narrow down your choices.

Size Is King (Or Maybe Not)

The sizes of adjustable beds are legion
, and obviously in a perfect world we would all wheel home our king size adjustable bed with abandon. However, we urge you not to simply consider yourself when weighing the many different sizes of adjustable beds. The first thing you should do is take good measurements of the room you’re hoping to install the bed in, and (this is important), the parameters of the hallway and entryway it will have to pass through. It’s no good buying a king sized bed only to discover it takes up literally all of your floor space or even worse, can’t fit through the door. After measuring both your room (and your wallet), you might find that one of the smaller sizes of adjustable beds is right for you.

Consider The Bed’s Relationship Status With Your Other Furniture

This may seem like a no-brainer, but it can be easy to forget when you’re wandering around wide-eyed in Bed Kingdom that the Mayflower Mahogany Mattress Set clashes horribly with the Pixar desk lamp you’ve had since you were in college. Then of course there are more subtle differences, like wood grain patterns and matching this bed’s burnt umber with the color schemes of your wallpaper. Before you go bed shopping, consider taking a few photos of the designated bedroom to reference. This way, Bed Kingdom won’t unfairly colonize your space’s style.

All Brands Are Not Created Equal

Any floor salesperson worth their salt is going to try to sell you one of the more expensive models. This is why it’s important to walk into a store armed with research. Try writing a list of every major bed seller you know (Sleepy’s, Serta, Tempurpedic, we can all call up the big ones thanks to global media), and then doing consumer research of these companies online. Some good places to start are Amazon reviews of their top sellers, Consumer Reports and

Together these three resources (and of course our fabulous article) should give you a jumping off point as well as a full picture of what the adjustable bed companies have to offer, the purchase and assembly process, and even their corporate culture. So do your homework and get out there! And remember, when the smiling salesperson tries to sell you the Bedinator 5,000, politely decline and counter with a question about the bed that’s just right for you.

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