Drought Shaming The REAL Reason Celebrities Have Green Lawns

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In May, many media outlets blasted California celebrities with giant homes in the Hollywood Hills featuring lush, green lawns despite a worsening drought in the state. The Twitterverse instantly dubbed the phenomenon “drought shaming.” Of course, no one really wins in these tabloid feeding frenzies; celebrities who did have drought-friendly gardens were likewise accused of “eco-boasting.”

Although the tabloids would never say so, some large homes in the iconic Hollywood Hills have green lawns because their owners invested in grey water reclamation systems, which allow for yard watering even in the face of strict water rationing. For those without grey water systems integrated into their luxury custom house floor plans, their grass won’t be getting greener this summer. Reality star Kelly Osbourne even “drought shamed” herself on Twitter, telling her followers she felt guilty about drawing a bath (she promised to reuse the grey water).

Big name celebrities like Lady Gaga and Conan O’Brien have even made public service announcements urging their fellow Californians to use as little water as possible.

While media outlets were taking celebrities to task, Beverly Hills passed new penalties for restricting water violations. Meanwhile, the nearby beach city of Malibu already has water restrictions in place, plus a website where residents can report water wasters.

Although going green is often a huge priority for California homeowners, both because of the drought and peer pressure from more eco-conscious neighbors, residents all over the country are investing in energy efficient custom designer home plans and appliances in 2015.

Besides grey water recovery systems, a million American custom home plans will include
residential solar
panels by the end of the decade. Plus, many custom home builders now use eco-friendly materials like spray foam insulation, which can reduce heating costs by up to 50% in colder climates. And in regions where solar energy is impractical, geothermal heating systems are being incorporated into luxury house plans by custom home builders.

Whether you live in California, or a Southern state suffering from an excess of water, eco-friendly features and appliances can be customized for your unique needs and desires.

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